iOS 6

They have been all kinds of speculation for weeks. New in iOS 6 are finally known.
The new version of the operating system for mobile devices has been one of the stars of Apple's presentation yesterday. Discover the top new iOS 6.

iOS 6: new
If one looks closer, rumors advanced yesterday are not so far from what is actually proposed in today iOS 6. All in all, it is not less than 200 new in this new version of the iOS.
iOS 6
iOS 6
See the list of major features of this operating system intended for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Of course, some variations exist depending on the terminal used.

  • Apple's Maps: This news was expected and it was confirmed yesterday. Apple separates the application and Google Maps now has its native application mapping. 3D, aerial survey, GPS, traffic information in real time, synergy with Siri ... users should not lose by the change.
  • Facebook integration: again, the news was expected. The social network has a much deeper integration into the OS, a bit like what we saw with Twitter iOS 5. The social network has its premises in many areas of the system, including the various Store. Apple knows that social recommendations can encourage consumers to purchase, it would be wrong to deprive themselves of the new financial windfall.
  • Siri and better, Siri also iPad: the system will be able to answer new questions about iPhone, including support for the results of sports and movies. It may also be dictating tweets. In addition, Siri also invite the touch pad from Apple.
  • Icloud will handle a bit more data, including open tabs in Safari which can be synchronized from one terminal to another.
  • Do Not Disturb is now embarked on iOS 6, enough to stay away notifications when you want a little peace.
  • Calls experiencing some changes with the ability to communicate in FaceTime via 3G, but with the addition of new options when receiving a call. Buttons for adding a task or sending an SMS to the caller will be offered when your bell.
  • Passbook: in this stream of improvements, we also see some new apps native, like Passbook which allows you to store virtually your airline tickets, train tickets, tickets, loyalty cards ...
This is essentially new feature of iOS 6. Note that this operating system can not be installed on an iPad, iPhone Edge, iPhone 3G and iPod Touch 3G. We must therefore proceed to checkout and opt for a newer device if you want to enjoy it.

iOS 6 Download

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In Europe, you need the GSM versions of iOS 6!