◎ company management
一.Manpower resource and training system
    1. The total stuff of our company are 150 persons, among them 15 persons are technology engineers, the administrant are 13 persons;
    2. The technology engineers are including the electronic circuit designers, machine manufactured designer, electronic material administers, art designers, computer operators, high class technicians and so on.
    3. The administrant are including the professional stuffs who is majored in the business administration and marketing & sales administration.
    4. 60% of the workshop workers are inviting from the professional technology school, 80% of our workers can be operated familiarly and have been worked in our company more than 3 years.
    5. The new worker should be training before beginning his job, such as the special job training, manufacturing necessary knowledge training, periodical examination policy etc.

二.Research & development system
    We have ability to designing the products, selecting the functions, choosing the good materials, designing the circuit, the hardware and the plastic parts, making the samples, assembling the samples, index testing. In one word, we have a designing center that have enough ability to development new products and meet with the customer’s requirements basically.
三.Quality and management system
    1. In the December of 1999, our company was through the auditing by rationing department of FAW Group;
    2. ISO 9001:2000 quality system certificate was obtained through the third party SGS Co. recognized in the December of 2000.
    3. In the June of 2002, our company passed the quality ability auditing by the third party who was consigned by Qindao Auto Factory of FAW;
    4. In the Mar. of 2003, our company began to introduce the national auto technology standard ISO/TS16949: 2002;
    5. In the Oct. of 2003, we passed the quality auditing by the rationing department of Qindao Auto Factory of FAW again;
    6. In the June of 2004, we passed the quality auditing by the quality department of FAW Group.
四.Manufacture management system
    1. Arts and craft flowing documents, working procedure guidance documents, system operation standard;
    2. The management and controlling for the key working procedure, special working procedure;
    3. Materials fixation management and production situation inspecting;
    4. The self-inspecting , exchange testing, the first testing and final testing for the working procedure;
    5. Handling the inferior goods and made signal for them;
    7. Quality controlling for the working processing and information feedback;
    8. Processing emergency measures and safety production policy;
    9.“5S” management.
五. Quality inspection and testing system
    1. The inspection ways should be conducted according the standard documents;
    2. The inspector is selecting and training strictly by us;
    3. Raw materials, semi finished articles, finished products’ inspection and testing;
    4. Making inspection, testing and analyzing for the quality control points;
    5. Periodical making form testing and quality auditing for the products;
    6. Daily quality special regular meeting;
    7. Stating and analyzing by the data, correcting and defending constantly;
    8. Collecting the feedback information from the customers, analyzing and improving continually.
六. Materials purchasing system
    1. Choosing, analyzing and confirm the eligible suppliers;
    2. Scene auditing and analyzing for the suppliers every year;
    3. Survey the qualification suppliers and conducting emergency project;
    4. Raw material’s quality feedback, follow up and validation;
    5. Management and controlling for the consigned processing;
    6. Established well, stable, reliable, profit to each other material suppliers net;
    7. Optimize the stock.
七. Sales network and service system
    1. Customers’ information collecting, checking, handling and answer;
    2. Communicating, consulting and serving with the customers;
    3. We had been established feedback network for the products’ quality, customers litigating information;
    4. Locale service and technology support;
    5. Emergency measure for handling the outburst cases;
    6. Handling institution management function;
    7. Surveying, analyzing and improving for the information feedback from the customers’ service satisfaction research.
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