Googles new Plan To develop App obsolete

Mountain View-based Company showed off quite some potentially revolutionary mobile tech news at its I/O developer conference held on Thursday. The conference was concentrated on Jump and Brillo, but also on the evolution of cutting-edge tech that is almost three years old. The company went to great lengths to showcase how making apps is obsolete and is doing its best to get the users back onto the web, where of course Google is the absolute king. Even
though we are used on wearable gadgets design from the company, they gave us something different this time, Google Now.

How for Googles new Plan To develop App

Project Manager at Google Now, Aparna Chennapragada showcased a vision for Now. He gave detailed technology information to everything you need to know, but also is certain when exactly you need it and in what form. Since the memory goes, that was the next logical step for Android’s digital assistant. However, now had limitations in taking information primarily from services hosted by Google such as Google Maps or Google Mail. That’s no longer the case. The previous month, Google announced new integrations with 70 services, but the number is much higher than that. Aparna Chennapragada confirmed that the number went over 100.
Googles new Plan To develop App
However, more impressive that that could very well be the Google Now which has an ability to know where exactly you are, and what you need at a given moment. During the conference, the project manager said that Google Now understands over 100 million places. He also added that that’s not just related to geometry, but to some very interesting things such as when something is busy, or open and what you will need when you are there.

The answers to that questions are gathered from the company’s knowledge graph, which numbers over a billion entities that could be very useful even if you never gave it much thought and did not realize it.

Google Graphs are not the only source of information; the other source lies within third party apps. The core to all this is that users will now have fewer reasons to use apps when they will be able to get the desired info via Google Now. The service goes beyond just detailed data, you could even play Pandora stations in it, and order some food or beverages from Instant.

We on JailbreakSet present info for The Mountain View Company does everything in its power to get the users back onto the web. Their new Google Photos makes it easy to share the photos directly from the web browser. If Google manages to be at more places than before, they will achieve its primary goal and be an integral part of our lives. The web now looks more like something we thought would replace it. That’s what makes the apps so opposite to Google’s future. One more reason Google Now is so crucial and vital.

You can visit apps when you feel like it, but the Google Now lets the info roam freely to find users who might need it most.

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