Official Apple iPhone 5C Release Date

iPhone 5C

This month will be present the new iPhone 5C on Apple company for Technology. We all wait to see the new product on Apple, and to buy. Many people , big fans on apple will wait to come the new product. The date present of this iPhone 5C is 20 september, now is still on us to wait.

All Apple products is the best in the world, and we know that is have very expensive price in all world. But for people not is important the price, only to be Apple and they will buy. This new iPhone 5C will have very different design of the standard iPhone 5 in the moment we have in our pocket.

iPhone 5C Release Date

All companies tell that the 20 september will be the present date for iPhone 5C, only to us is to wait this date. For me how Blogger this surce of the date will tell any blogs in all world not is very sure. But for us is to wait and see what will happens.

Video of the new iPhone 5C - How will be

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