Advertising Can Make Free Apps more Profitable than Paid Apps

Most people likely think that paid mobile apps would be more profitable compared to those that are free. However, this isn’t always the case. The reason is that developers of free apps can make a lot of money from their apps using advertising.

Mobile app developers have different advertising options available to them, the most helpful and cost-effect of which are mobile ad networks. Mobile and social advertising networks, like, make it easy for developers to effectively advertise their apps by providing them with the tools to target the users who are most likely to download their apps. In short, they help developers to make as much money as possible from their free apps through advertising.

There is no question that app developers of the future will only continue to rely more and more on advertising to monetize their apps. In fact, a study that was recently conducted by computer scientists from Cambridge University discovered that within the Android marketplace, 73% of the apps are free and 80% of these apps use advertising as their primary business model. The study also found that free app downloads are typically much higher than paid app downloads.

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