Update on Apple TV 3 to access external files

In the wake of the previous guides and the method of changing the DNS on Apple TV 3 I found a way to route the call to a server application Trailer running on Mac Although it seems trivial the request of the application must be due to the internal list in XML format which in turn contains all the information to pass to the subsequent menus.

On this basis, I'm making a sort of menu compatible with Apple TV which offers the possibility to connect to your content stored on a Mac or PC with folders manageable and customizable by the user. A first example you can see from above, even if a little 'rough currently seems to be functional ... stay tuned!


By editing the lists I managed to get a result quite appreciable in the images below you can see how it is possible to insert the complete contents of the poster, trailer and other information, the only drawback is that currently you can only update the library manually editing the file in XML. If there is some expert on XML and would like to help is welcome!

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