How to Factory Unlock Swisscom iPhone 4 via IMEI for all Carrier

Unlock iPhone 4 Swisscom

We find the best solutions how to Unlock  your iPhone 4 Swisscom permanent for all network in the world. This is the best Factory Unlock method via IMEI. To make is very easily but you must to know your imei code, this code is 15 digital number, will show  bellow how to find, but now I present this factory unlock method how is work. Many people is used this service via IMEIUnlockPro, they Unlock 100+ imei per day. If you buy iPhone 4 in Swisscom Switzerland and after like to use in other countries is not possible. Your iPhone will be locked for other operators. The best solutions is Factory Unlock method, make your iPhone unlocked for all carrier permanent. Now I bellow will show you, how to use this service.

How to Unlock iPhone 4 for all Carrier - Swisscom

Is necessary to know your IMEI code, if very easily to find. Click on keyboard *#06# and Call, this is all procedure. Now your IMEI code please copy and go to IMEIUnlockPro and add in form. Bellow you see in video tutorial how is make this step by step. Click in this link to Unlock iPhone 4 Swisscom via IMEI.

Video How to Unlock iPhone 4 Swisscom via IMEI Service

Complete Factory Unlock procedure via iTunes

Download iTunes and install in your PC. Then connect iPhone 4 via USB cable, add other SIM card (not valid) and make a backup and then restore. Your iPhone will be unlocked permanent for all carrier.

This site IMEIUnlockPro refund money if is happen some problems. Please write in comment bellow ih have some questions, or email IMEIUnlockPro Dev Team.

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