Apple intends to introduce new FaceTime and iMessage

FaceTime and iMessage

Apple is looking for a new position covering the role of communications engineer, who will be responsible for implementing new features in FaceTime and iMessage.

According to the announcement published in the official website of the company, the place where the work should be carried out will be the Apple headquarters in Cupertino, California.

Apple is still looking for a highly motivated engineer and that they can rely to an experience more than a year, so to share knowledge and application development framework.

The announcement contains specific words:

The new coach will be responsible for implementing new features on our applications FaceTime and iMessage, as well as the development of complex applications (user interface design and implementation of framework).

The announcement as one might imagine, has given rise to several speculations. It is quite clear that Apple wants to introduce new features in their services. The improvement in a significant way could already be introduced with iOS 7. In particular iMessege is extremely popular in the iOS users.

Apple FaceTime and iMessage

While there is certainly space for improvement FaceTime, which I think is an excellent means of communication between iDevice. But if Apple wants to compete with services like Skype, there arises the need to add a number of features that are currently absent, as a group call.

Apple is expected to unveil iOS 7 at WWDC in June, before it was released alongside the iPhone 5S waiting for this fall.

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