Untethered Jailbreak Apple TV 2 with iOS 5.2 - Seas0npass

Apple TV 2 Jailbreak

As we have seen in this article, has been released a new version of Seas0npass that enables untethered jailbreak your Apple TV 2 with iOS 5.2. Let's see the steps to complete the task successfully.

I state that it is compatible only with second-generation Apple TV, then, unfortunately, the owners of Apple TV 3 Jailbreak will have to wait.

Also for now XBMC and other programs have not yet been updated! But as soon as they are in line we'll let you know right away!

But back to the guide. First reset your Apple TV with the original firmware, then download Seas0npass from this page.

Open the program and click Create IPSW.

If you have already downloaded the firmware before you can just press Alt + Create IPSW (Mac) or Shift + Create IPSW (Windows) and select the fw 5.2. Download here

Jailbreak Apple tv 2
Untethered jailbreak your Apple TV
Apple TV 2

Once finished you have to connect your Apple TV 2 using the micro USB cable and put it in DFU mode. To do this we simply hold for 7 seconds the buttons on the remote control Menu + Play / Pause.


From here starts the automatic installation of firmware you just created. You will see open iTunes, you do NOT have to do anything, do everything alone!

Jailbreak iOS 5.2

Now we have the new fw on our Apple TV with the latest untethered jailbreak!

If you have problems or questions please bring them through the comments!

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