Official Factory Unlock iPhone 4 AT&T or iPhone 4S via imei

Factory Unlock iPhone at&t

Many users have been able to use the SAM procedure to unlock the phone part of your iPhone and then use it with any SIM card. In recent months we have discussed several alternative services, which for a fee, allow you to unlock your iPhone. If you have an iPhone stranger and unfortunately it is still stuck, read the article.

Today we will talk about a seems to work well and quickly, IMEIUnlockPro, one of the many services available online that allows you to unlock the iPhone for a fee. The unlock process takes just 1-24h. IDB has tried the service unlocking an iPhone 4S AT&T, making it practically can be used with any GSM carrier.

There are many services available on the web release, but IMEIUnlockPro allows you to have your iPhone unlocked quickly, usually within 1-24h using their service "Instant."  IMEIUnlockPro requires 29$ for their service release. Again, there are several options available on the web, and many on eBay that have a good reputation. Many times, you can also find similar services costing less than IMEIUnlockPro that offers.

Factory Unlock at&t

Their process works like this:

  • Visit their website, and choose unlock - instant or regular
  • Pay with PayPal and enter your IMEI number in the PayPal notes
  • Wait for a response from cellular IMEIUnlockPro by e-mail to verify your IMEI number
  • Your iPhone will be Unlocked Permanent for all carriers

If you cannot access to another carrier besides AT&T, you can request the release, by checking their website, or contact them for verification. To find the IMEI number, open the application and dial the following code * # 06 #. If you have an iPhone 4S, the process is simple, you just replace your SIM card with that of another carrier. The iPhone automatically makes the activation process.

Unlock iPhone 4

If you have an iPhone 4, you must perform a backup, and then restore it. During the installation process, the device will activate the SIM card from the alternate. The great thing about the release is that it is permanent and does not require other or special SIM cards, it just works and well. This is probably a good time to start considering a release of your iPhone 4S, especially if you plan to sell it for buy the next iPhone. Due to a small initial investment, you can sell your iPhone a lot more on eBay or elsewhere. For more information on the service IMEIUnlockPro can visit.

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