How to Jailbreak iOS 6.1.1 with Evasi0n

Jailbreak iOS 6.1 Evasi0n

A few hours ago Apple released the new iOS 6.1.1 for iPhone 4S going to fix some problems with the battery life and 3G connectivity on the device. As a result of this new firmware, the team evad3rs has released a new version of evasi0n 1.3 that allows you to make the procedure of jailbreak on that new firmware.

If you want to do it, now it is good to update your iPhone 4 iOS 6.1.1 , and re-jailbreak your iPhone 4S with the latest version of evasi0n, see its help to do this.

One thing that must be kept in mind, however, is that the update to iOS 6.1.1 will most likely update your baseband of the iPhone 4S. So if you have the device unlocked with UltraSn0w, you should not upgrade until there are no news about it.

This guide is exclusive ' iPhone 4S as it is the only device to receive the upgrade to iOS 6.1.1. This update should solve the 3G connection that caused problems with the battery life. If there are no obvious problems, you can stay at the current firmware, since iOS 6.1.1 does not add any new functionality. Also, before you begin, make sure that the code block is disabled.

Untethered Jailbreak iOS 6.1.1 Evasi0n- Video

Step 1: Upgrade your iPhone 4 to iOS 6.1.1 using iTunes. Avoid the OTA update. You can download iOS 6.1.1 from our dedicated article. Download evasi0n 1.3 by the following article. Connect your iPhone 4S to a computer, and wait for the application evasi0n detect the device, and click Jailbreak.

Step 2: evasi0n will ask you to unlock the device and click on Jailbreak the Home screen. This icons will find on the second page of the Home screen, unless you have a lot of apps, or it will be on a later page. Click on that icon only once and you'll see a black page load then go away. This is perfectly normal, you just have to wait.

Step 3: Evasi0n the end report that the Jailbreak iOS 6.1.1 Evasi0n process is complete. At that point, you can click the Exit button to close the application evasi0n the application. the rest of the process focuses solely on your iPhone. Your iPhone will reboot a couple of times, and you will see a logo on a white background evasi0n large on your iPhone. Even in this case, only be patient, the jailbreak is almost completed.

Step 4: Once the jailbreak is complete, you should see the logo of Cydia on device, wait a few seconds and then click on it to load Cydia. The first time you load Cydia will be loaded at start up and the various packets and then return to the lock screen.

The procedure is completed you can now use Cydia 1.1.8 normally and the device.

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