How to Install a theme on iPhone 5 without jailbreak - [VIDEO]

Install a theme on iPhone 5

How to Install a theme on iPhone 5 without jailbreak? During this period, due to the absence of the jailbreak were born "alternative" methods, obviously not comparable to jailbreak, that allow you to install applications cured, install Siri on devices that do not require it, hide native applications, etc. ...

Today, Jeff Benjamin of  iDownloadBlog  demonstrates that it is possible to install a theme on a unit basis, without the need for a jailbreak. Normally you need to download tools available on Cydia as Winter board. Ma see how to install the theme on the iPhone 5. The installed theme is called Black Orbs. Setup could not be easier.

Just download from your iPhone 5 the following profile 5 (  download link  ) and install it. If you use our app BeMobile, it is important to copy the link and open it with Safari. That's all there is to it. To make the results even more interesting, you may want to  download this black background  . To uninstall, nothing too complicated. Just go to Settings> General> Profiles and then delete the profile that you just installed. We leave you to the video that shows how to install the theme:

Install Theme on iPhone 5 without Jailbreak step by step - Video

The theme contains 31 web clips, which are attached to applications through links url. It works very similar application called Launch Center Pro, which allows you to launch applications using URL links.

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