How To Bypass iPhone Passcode Lock with iOS 6.1.1 - [Video]

Passcode Lock

It seems that the latest iOS 6.1 operating system released by Apple a few weeks ago has not peace, after the problems with battery life, the exchange of bugs and problems of 3G with iPhone 4S that led Apple to release iOS 6.1. 1, the network now reaches another bug that plagues this version of the operating system. This time it's the lockscreen for iOS 6.1 on iPhone, which would be circumvented even if you have set the lock code allowing access to the device.

This obviously endangers your personal information hidden inside the device, we see in detail what is the bug and how it is made.

As we said the bug affects iPhones with iOS 6.1 installed and allows you to bypass the lock code in lockscreen and enter the device, giving you access to your personal information. Let's see how this process occurs:

Bug in iOS 6.1 allows you to bypass the lock screen and lock code

  • Lock the device.
  • perform the Slide to unlock.
  • click on the button calls and hold the sleep button until the power button is displayed. Click Cancel, and you will see the status bar turn blue. Type 911 or the emergency number and start the call, taking care to remove as soon as possible so that the call does not start.
  • Lock the device with the sleep button and turn it on again with the home button.
  • make the slide to unlock and hold the sleep button and within 3 seconds click emergency call. This unlocks everything and take you inside the device, make sure you continually hold the sleep button until you enter the device.

Entering the phone can have access to your contacts, calls, you can create a contact and view the photo gallery. You can also send e-mails and texts through the sharing of a contact function. Let's see the video of this bug in iOS 6.1:

Video how to Bypass the lock code in lockscreen

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