Fix Weather Apps Crashing Issue after iOS 6.1 Jailbreak

Fix Weather Apps

Weather app starts showing errors as soon as the device undergoes jailbreak. Pod2g has come up with an effective solution to this error but it is recommended that only advanced users apply this method. For the rest, a solution as a package from Cydia will be available soon. Just like Cydia, iOS 6.0 and higher are available officially on internet and you can download iOS 6.1 to jailbreak your apple device with the help of new evasi0n tool.

Yesterday, evasi0n was released for iPhone 5 and iOS devices as the much awaited tool from evad3rs team for jailbreaking iOS 6.x. Though, the jailbreak has caused some issues with the weather app in the devices.

This isn’t a very big issue since it does not hinder the jailbreak process in any way neither does it affect Cydia or any other application installation. All iPhone functions remain proper. If you want to replace your weather application with another one, “The Weather” app is an option in app store.

Most of the hackers have already started working on an easy solution for this issue, in the meanwhile advanced users can make use of a script proposed by pod2g on their blog that rebuilds the file “” and that is supposed to be the fix for this problem.

According to pod2g, a Cydia package will be available soon that all users can utilize to get this issue resolved. Note here that this method hasn’t been tested on any device before. Still, it will not cause any trouble but you should back up your data anyway before proceeding. Given below is the script mentioned before.

# / Bin / bash
chmod-x / usr / libexec / mobile_installation_proxy
killall -9 mobile_installation_proxy
rm / var / mobile / Library / Caches / / var / mobile / Library / Caches / . LaunchServices-045.csstore
launchctl stop
launchctl start
while [! -F / var / mobile / Library / Caches /]
sleep 1
while [! -F / var/mobile/Library/Caches/]
sleep 1
sleep 10
chmod + x / usr / libexec / mobile_installation_proxy

After the jailbreak, the only issue faced by all the users is the error occurring in the Weather app. The rest of the issues have all been resolved by either a forced restart or holding the power button pressed for 10 seconds along with the Home button.

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