Evasi0n Untethered Jailbreak iOS 6.1 and iOS 6 - [Guide]

Evasi0n Jailbreak

Dear Readers today finally is released Untethered Jailbreak for iOS 6.1 and iOS 6 with Evasi0n. This Jailbreak now is supported for all iOS, and for iDevices: iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, and iPad. New Jailbreak tool is very good and easily for use, evasi0n is the best software for now. To Jailbreak your Phone 5 on iOS 6.1 now is wery easily, only what to do is Download the sotware for your computer system: Linux, Mac OS X or Windows. Now I bellow will show you how to Jailbreak your iDevice step by step.

How to Evasi0n Jailbreak iPhone on iOS 6 and iOS 6.1

Step 1. First to do is go to this link to Download sections to get Evasi0n Jailbreak tool.

Step 2. Now make a backup on your iPhone if is used iOS 6 or iOS 6.1

Step 3. To Download Evasi0n on your Desktop first create new folder and called Pwnage.

Download Evasi0n

Step 4. How you must to extract Evasi0n.exe file in to Pwnage folder

Step 5. Open this Evasi0n folder and click right, and start with Administrator mode.

Download Evasi0n tool

Now in this next steps start to Jailbreak iPhone with Evasi0n.

Step 6. Conect your iPhone with USB cable in computer.

Evasi0n Jailbreak iOS 6

Step 7. You need to remove all lock screen passcodes on your iPhone, and then click Jailbreak to begin Evasi0n Jailbreak process.


Step 8. iDevice is generate jailbreak data, now reboot the device and then Upload Cydia file on iPhone.

Jailbreak iOS 6

Step 9. Now you will asked to unlock your iPhone, and instal new Jailbreak app icon on your Device. Klick this "Jailbreak" icon one, this auto will open and close.

UnTethered Jailbreak iOS 6
Instal Jailbreak

Step 10. Evasi0n tool now remount, only wait to complete , then your iPhone will restart.

Evasi0n UnTethered Jailbreak
Evasi0n UnTethered Jailbreak iOS 6

Step 11. When your iPhone is start you can si Cydia instaled. Your iPhone is Jailbreak.

Jailbreak Evasi0n iOS 6

This is all step by step to Jailbreak iPhone on iOS 6 and iOS 6.1 with Evasi0n . If you have some questions please write in comment bellow

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