Apple TV 2 Jailbreak with Sn0wbreeze - [Guide]

Apple TV 2 Jailbreak

After the release of the tool Evasi0n has been much disappointment after finding that the tool was not compatible with the latest firmware for Apple TV 2. After various reports and asked for justification of this choice to the team @ Evad3rs, after it was announced in a loud voice by @ MuscleNerd support for the latter, as a non-official we were told that Evasi0n would have resulted in incompatibilities and that There was no time to correct errors in what had already been planned release of the tool.

Fortunately, help has arrived in our iH8sn0w who managed to make the tool Sn0wBreeze Jailbreak  compatible with the latest firmware for Apple TV 2 Jailbreak. As it turned out, once completed and executed the jailbreak applications that usually use on our Apple TV has not been rewritten to add compatibility to firmware 5.2, therefore, applications like XBMC are not yet supported. Thank you also for the help they gave us iH8sn0w which gave us the opportunity to "liberate" even our device. For those wishing meanwhile jailbreak on Apple TV with firmware 5.x can follow this guide waiting for the applications to be updated or opt for Seas0nPass and wait a few more days for the release.


Process to Jailbreak Apple TV 2

1) Check that your Apple TV 2 show correctly the home screen, without signal disconnect it from the TV and the wall outlet and connect it only with the Micro USB cable to the PC

2) Run Sn0wbreeze and click ok to the first screen and then the blue arrow at the bottom right

Jailbreak with Sn0wbreeze

3) At the next screen, choose the "Download iOS Firmwares" to download your firmware, if you have not already done so, or you can load it by clicking on "Browse for IPSW an"

Download iOS Firmwares

4) If you have uploaded the correct firmware, Sn0wbreeze will warn you with the following screen


5) Click on the blue arrow and go to the next step, choose the option "Simple Mode" and Sn0wbreeze will create the firmware

6) In the screen that shows the partition must be set on your device, set the pointer to about 3/4 of the bar

Root JAilbreak Apple tv 2

6) After the creation of the firmware you will see the following screen

Done Jailbreak Apple tv 2

7) Click ok and take remote control of your private Apple TV, click "Start" and follow the instructions to put Apple TV into DFU

Apple TV into DFU

8) If you have successfully put your Apple TV in DFU mode Redsn0w will apply a patch and will return the following message

Apple TV in DFU

9) Launch iTunes, simultaneously hold down the SHIFT key and click Restore. In the new screen select the IPSW file created with Sn0wbreeze placed on your desktop

Launch iTunes

10) At this point, iTunes will begin to extract the firmware and load it on your Apple TV

Apple TV 2

11) At the end of the process, iTunes will warn you with a message and advise you to unplug your Apple TV from your PC and connect it to your TV.

I remind you that XBMC and Plex are not yet compatible with the firmware 5.2 on Apple TV and Black Flash of TV is still under construction.

For more info for Apple TV 3 Jailbreak please go to this link so see.

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