FireCore Dev Team has releases of aTV Flash Black 2.1 - Upgrade

aTV Flash Upgrade

A few days ago FireCore 's Blog us come up with some new upgrade aTV Flash. This version has been upgraded with new better and with new specifications.

To start the New Year FireCore decided to release a new version of TV Flash black that comes to version 2.1 introducing various news' and offers new features, such as we see with the chengelog complete. The new info for Apple TV 3 Jailbreak is waiting.

TV Show Playlist aTV Flash

Now it's easier than ever to take a movie from where you left off. After deciding which program to watch, simply press and hold the center button and choose the option dedicated to integrating them into his playlist. Then you will be sent to the first episode of the film that is not 'yet been played and can continue recovering from the last interruption

Playlist aTV Flash
Playlist aTV Flash

Super customizable Favorites aTV Flash

The favorites provide a convenient way to achieve what you want to look as quickly as possible. Are displayed directly in the main menu and you can 'add any content. With these new options for the favorite there is really no limit to what you can do.

Favorites aTV Flash
Favorites aTV Flash

Complete list of changes aTV Flash Version 2.1

  • NEW! TV Show in Playlist - allows you to easily shoot the last episode not yet played
  • NEW! Favorite custom - create favorites of almost everyone, including search terms
  • Large speed improvements when browsing movies / shows
  • Library items and search can be hidden from the main menu
  • Now shows "Writers' instead of 'producer' in the pre-playback screen
  • Ite. Folders are hidden from view
  • Hidden files are no longer included in slideshow
  • Retrieving Metadata improved
  • Improved integration with tract in sync and scribbling
  • Improved management of network settings and errors
  • Many improvements in search of related
  • Many improvements subtitle (special characters, performances, etc ...)
  • Fixed rare issue in scribbling
  • Fixed some rare problems when playing audio files
  • Fixed some memory problems
  • Support for iOS 6
  • Many other bug fixes and various improvements

How can I get the upgrade of TV Flash Black 2.1?

As usual, the update can be done directly on the Apple TV through the maintenance menu> Manage Extras menu. If you have not yet purchased you can do so at the official FireCore

Note: Version 2.1 requires an Apple TV second generation installed version 4.4 or later.

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