How to hide the status bar of Safari without Jailbreak!

Rag3hack Hide StatusBar
After managing to find a solution to hide the applications without the need to jailbreak, has found a new trick to hide the status bar in Safari is very useful if you want to catch up on some space on the screen when browsing the web!

iPad 4 and iPad Mini is now sold out in Europe

iPad 4
Also, the first batch of iPad 4 is now sold out. In Europe, for the launch of available models were still available until this morning. Throughout the day, the delivery status changed to Ready in: 1 week. Both the European and American Apple Online Store so you have no chance to get the iPad 4 delivered directly to the release.

The jailbreak is legal on the iPhone and not iPad!

iPad Jailbreak stop
Contradictions and bizarre decisions are not exclusive to our country, the United States have updated the legal rules governing the jailbreak iDevices. These activities are considered legal iPhone and other smartphones, but not on iPad and various touch pads, PCs and consoles!

Under the new decisions that will come into effect from Sunday,

The end of the iOS 6 jailbreak and unlocks?

Unlock iPhone
The Digital Millennium Copyright (DMCA) was introduced in order to protect digital copyrights can. By law it is not allowed to bypass security systems and proprietary software. Attached to the DMCA law, however, is a list of exceptions. One of the best known exceptions are Jailbreaks, so the procurement of root access to the iOS file system.

iBooks 3.0 available on the App Store - Download Free

 iBooks 3.0
As announced during the keynote yesterday evening, iBooks (App Store Link - FREE - iPhone / iPad) is available on the App Store version 3.0. In addition to the arrival of a more pronounced social side sharing texts on social networks, the application integrates new features scrolling and playback mode that will have a better night visibility.

WiFi, GPS and Bluetooth components appeared [ Images ]

iPad Mini
Despite this time is near with rumors about the iPad Mini still not final long. Now, other components of the iPad were leaked reduced with 7.85 inches.

The images of the iPad mini components appeared today on They show the WiFi and Bluetooth module and

iOS 6.0.1 and iOS 6.1 will be released in the coming months

iOS 6.0.1
For carrying on the eve of the event that Apple will introduce to the public the new iPad Mini, reach new rumors on the net related to the new version of Apple's operating system iOS 6, which could be released in the short and in the coming months.

The new iOS 6.0.1 that could would make an appearance within

Jailbreak at the iOS 6: We're almost there, even for the iPhone 5! [Dev-Team]

Tethered Jailbreak
Hi Dear Readers - a member of the Chronic Dev-Team, has given a new hope in the last few hours of the last Apple smartphone owners: says he almost got a Tethered Jailbreak stable for the iPhone 5, and there are high hopes for the untethered!

The only problem is that it can only be installed on the iPhone

How to Download Cydia 1.1.8 on your iPhone 5 / 4S / 4 / 3GS and iPad on iOS 5.x

Cydia 1.1.8
By now you all know that Redsn0w has recently been updated with the ability to run the jailbreak and install at the same time the new version of Cydia (1.1.8). This guide will also teach you how to install Cydia on iOS devices 5.x installed!

The developer, Saurik, has not issued any information about the

Tethered jailbreak iOS 6 a4 via Redsn0w 0.9.15 for iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and iPod 4G

Jailbreak iOS 6 a4
Redsn0w 0.9.15 is finally released. As of now it is an official, public tethered jailbreak iOS 6 is available for all A4 devices (iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod touch 4G) available. How did the tethered jailbreak iOS 6 (also for Unlocker!) Install on your device, we will tell you in the following instructions.

All information (new features) for large Redsn0w update you will

The iPhone 5 jailbreak iOS 6 - Discussion

iOS 6 Discussion
On the HITB conference in 2012 spoke MuscleNerd, pod2g, planetbeing and mdowd in an informal discussion on jailbreak issues. They answered questions from audience attendance and Twitter users. In the context of the conversation they were received, current progress of the iOS 6 jailbreak, motivation and previous jailbreak success.

The Allnet Flats 1&1 combination with the new iPhone 5 nano-SIM

Nano-Sim iPhoe 5
The Allnet Flats 1und1 can now be ordered in combination with the new iPhone 5 nano-SIM. A subsidized device offers 1 & 1, in contrast to Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone and O2, however, does not.

For the launch of the iPhone 5 offered only a few providers of a nano-SIM for their fares. This is mandatory for the new iPhone

What should be the Switcher Apps on the iPhone 5 for iOS 6

Switcher Apps on the iPhone 5The Verge shows at the present day to a beautiful concept, which uses the new previews of open space for apps. These are mounted behind smaller app icons so that the user can see at a glance what can switching to open apps it.

The concept rethinks the iPod (music) control. This is

Factory Unlock your iPhone 5 via IMEI - Permanent Unlock for all Carirrer

Unlock iPhone 5
Hello guys. Today my readers JailbreakSet will show you a new wonderful information. How to unlock your iPhone 5 on all carriers. Finally now available, now our iPhone 5 we can enjoy freedom. this site managed to unlock the new device before all factory unlocked sites. Guys from the team do this website for you working very professional, and

How to Jailbreak iOS 6 on a4 with Redsn0w - iPhone 5 / 4S / 3GS iPod touch

Jailbreak iOS 6 4a
Now dear readers I will show you how to do the Jailbreak iOS 6 for A4 Device .Normally, when the time comes, he Jailbreak wait patiently when it is safe to update their devices to iOS 6 or not for the official text. Although Apple has inspired some of the design and functionality of the Jailbreak Cydia made ​​adjustments.

Today published final iOS 6 Tethered Jailbreak the iPhone

IPhone5 and the iPhone 4S, open / closed door

Unlock door from iPhone 5
Lockitron released a new product, it allows you to open and close to lock the doors from his iPhone. Connect the equipment that is compatible with Joseph in particular, with Bluetooth 4.0, registered each door locks project, iPhone 4S or iPhone 5 equipped fifth opened the door and, of course, this concept is not for everyone, some people Lockitrons be products but used

The jailbreak iOS 6 of past days - Redsn0w 0.9.15 version

Jailbreak iOS 6
Today, we hope, a quick update of iOS 6 jailbreak . For those who have seen iOS 6 and the new version of Redsn0w 0.9.15 latest news, there is nothing new. MuscleNerd new Twitter record, we would like to take this opportunity to give you. A brief overview of the latest news, jailbreak iOS 6

MuscleNerd signed Redsn0w0.9.15 speak last night. It seems

How Unlock iPhone 5 / 4S / 4 / 3GS for iOS 6 / 5.1.1 - Any Solutions

Unlock iPhone 5 , 4S any solutions
Today my readers I will show you how you can unlock your iPhone for all the possible solutions that exist at this time.In this post, show together all the methods possible for iPhone 5 / 4S / 4 / 3GS. I here explain the all methods how to unlock your iPhone with Gevey Ultra S card, and Ultrasn0w. This post will continually be updated periodically