The Company Saurik: 8 million paid to developers and 1.5 million devices every day on Cydia

iPhone 5
This weekend in San Francisco for work, especially all the hacker to jailbreak iOS devices and procedures is a very important event for years JailbreakCon2012.

During the event, the various proposed interventions, yesterday, Saurik is better , Jay Freeman, founder of Cydia known, which provides some interesting data on the use of and in the Cydia

How Unlock iPhone 4S with Gevey Ultra S on iOS 5.1.1 for Baseband 4.3.3

Gevey ultra S
GEVEY unlock the program, do not need to jailbreak iPhone 4S/4, but need to be manually configured. A complete plug and play unlock method iOS 4.3.3 jailbreak. Redsn0w jailbreak is only supported method. We can not provide telephone support to jailbreak your iPhone, but we will help you with other installation problems. GSM iPhone 4S/4 unlock more detailed

Tim Cook suggested Map App Recommendation category released the iOS 6 AppStore

Map App Recommendation category
Apple, it seems, with the excuse to really serious. In addition to the Map App alternatives that Tim Cook suggested in his open letter to all Apple buyers, Apple released the iOS 6 AppStore  now also has its own Map App Recommendation category.

Apple really seems to be a lot of pressure. Otherwise it can not

How to Unlock iPhone 3GS iOS 6 - Baseband 5.16.07 to 5.13.04 with Ultrasn0w-Unlock

Careless or not put value on iOS 6 update? Many iPhone 3GS users get a big terrorist these days because. Their devices no longer with the current SIM card Blame the new IOS 6 to install, baseband 16.05.07 update to the new firmware. Ultrasn0w Unlock software will not use it.This baseband 5.13.04 downgrade but bring your iPhone 3GS unlock the back.

3D Maps app of iOS 6 for the iPhone 4, iPod touch 4G and iPhone 3GS [Cydia]

Unlock iOS 6 Maps Cydia
In the navigation of the step-by-step map iOS 6 3D, and fly over, Apple has implemented a new and unique map app. Even if you pray, the more Google Maps app and intuitive backfire mature many users back, the users of iOS devices Many old even try new apps 3D map least certainly you want. After all, the only way to form an opinion as to her.

IPhone 5 and iOS 6 compatibility update for Google Chrome

Google Chrome iOS 6
Google is in the process of updating all of its iOS apps or new stand-alone design apps for iOS 6th On this day, Google's Chrome browser has received an update for the new iPhone 5 and iOS 6th

Chrome is probably the best alternative to Apple's own Safari browser. Safari, however, thanks to Nitro JavaScript engine is

Nano-SIM Mini / Micro SIM cut out - iPhone 5 to use it on every network

nano sim
Apple's new iPhone 5 is not as popular as the previous-generation iPhone. How should all know by now, however, the device uses the new international standard SIM, the nano-SIM. Some providers offer these at the present time, however, to not. Mention should be made here, for example 1und1.

However, the tariffs on some discount providers or

Even without official SIM Nano 1 & 1 for iPhone 5

iPhone 5 1&1 nano sim
Officially, you can not use iPhone 5 with a duty of service provider 1 and the first If you want a  iPhone 5 has be. purchase, but it can make it anyway. Therefore, it is only necessary to cut the SIM to Micro Nano-SIM size. For instructions and you will have a comparison after the break.

(Requires jailbreak iOS 6) Google Maps rapid transplantation by Ryan Petrich

iOS 6 Google Maps
Google Maps was for many years a faithful companion of iOS. With iOS 6, Apple separates in favor of a separate solution of the powered Google Maps mapping application. Many iPhone 5 and iOS 6 customers  users get annoyed and wish back the old Google Maps app. Ryan Petrich could soon make it possible.

iPhone 5 vs iPhone 4S Video-Test

iPhone 5 vs iPhone 4S
The iPhone 5 is equipped with a chip A6 and iPhone 4S A5 chip, the first was announced logically faster than the previous generation during the keynote held by Apple on September 12.
Announced up to 2 times faster than iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 is as powerful as what we have heard? To find out, we offer a video comparison between the last two generations of cabbage smartphone. The program for this test:

iPhone 5 for iOS 6 Compatibility Update to version 5.0.1 - Facebook App

Facebook App Store
The new version of the Facebook app, which was released in August, received an update for the new iPhone generation. So the app will appear on the full, elongated screen of iPhone 5.

Today began the launch of the iPhone 5 in many countries. With this launch now begin the big app update for the new, enlarged

How to iOS 6 downgrade to iOS 5.1.1 or iOS 5 ISPW certified

Downgrade iOS 6 to iOS 5
Currently, only a tethered jailbreak for A4 iOS 6 devices is available. Who does not a untethered jailbreak or an A5 jailbreak would have to immediately downgrade to iOS 5. Once Apple iOS 5.1.1 ISPW not certified, there is no way for A5 devices from iOS 6 back to iOS 5.1.1!

At the start of a few (abbreviated) information on iOS 6

TinyUmbrella is updated: 6:00:00 version adds support for iOS 6!

It seemed like a lifetime since the last update of TinyUmbrella, valuable tool for saving certificates. SHSH! The developer has in fact "abandoned" the project throughout the summer, despite the release of several beta versions of iOS 6 ...
Notcom, creator of the Application, broke the silence in the morning, announcing that TinyUmbrella has been updated to

Update on the Jailbreak and downgrade iOS 6

iOS 6
The iOS 6 is now available for download and one of the questions most frequently asked at this point is: what is the current situation from the perspective of the jailbreak? So here's everything you need to know about the jailbreak and downgrade iOS 6.

Redsn0w will soon function RE-Restore to Jailbreak iOS 6

 RE-Restore iOS 5
Moments after Apple have made available for download the final version of iOS 6.0, the Dev-Team has released a statement on the group's blog, as well as through MuscleNerd, the leader of the team.

Following the release of iOS 6.0, Apple should immediately

Outlook to iOS 6 Jailbreak and iOS 6 Downgrade

iOS 6 jailbreak
Many find it hard even to keep a clear view regarding possible jailbreak iOS 6 and iOS 6 downgrades. But you must also not, after all, you have us. Fact: jailbreak iOS 6 will initially only be possible with A4 devices. A5 devices out in the cold. If you really need a jailbreak, which was read to the end. All iOS 6 jailbreak interested should at least watch the first part of this

iPhone 5 is rising delivery online from Apple to 3-4 weeks

iPhone 5
The iPhone 5 pre-orders continue strong. There is not a day go by without thousands of devices currently on the virtual counter. Already on the first advance sale Apple had the delivery time from the online store to raise 1-2 weeks.

Meanwhile, and thus only 5 days after the official sale tickets go

Download iOS 6 Links for iPhone 4 / 4S, iPad 3 Official From Apple

iOS 6 Download Free
All rush into this moment on the new firmware iOS 6th The update was just released just. Apple's servers are busy enormous. In the longer download times should be adjusted so. Who wants to pull the iOS 6 ISPW files directly to their PC can use the direct links.

Important Preparations for iOS 6 update - Apple

iOS 6
iOS 6, once again, everything changes. All devices with A4 processor can be jailbroken via the limera1n exploit (bootrom exploit), at least tethered. All other devices will need to wait for new exploits. But it is important to properly prepare the iOS 6 update. Who does not do this, can never go back to the untethered iOS jailbreak jump back 5-versions.

First JavaScript benchmark of the iPhone 5 - SunSpider v0.9.1

iPhone 5 Camera
A new test of the A6 processor of iPhone 5 has produced a very good result in the SunSpider JavaScript Benchmark tool. The A6 SoC (System on a Chip) trumps even Intel's Medfield Atom Z2460. However, this benchmark is not very meaningful. There is an initial indication that the former problems of the Cortex A9 Memory Interface in the A6 chip that is probably on

Nano-SIM now available also at simyo - iPhone 5

Nano - Sim
For iPhone 5 fans who want to use their device with the network provider simyo tariffs, there is good news. simyo now offers the new nano-SIM to the iPhone 5. These can be ordered directly from collective agreement rather than the Standard-/Micro-SIM.

Smaller mobile providers make the Great often. They tend to react immediately to changes in the smartphone market.

New AppStore Page promotes Apple own apps - iOS 6

App Store iOS 6
9to5Mac found a new last-minute change of iOS 6 th Apple promotes namely the first time its own apps in the AppStore Highlights tab. There you will find five free apps that probably all need a little boost downloads.
Apple leads the App Store for iOS 6 is a new site for free Apple apps. This can be found under the "Highlights" tab in the

First iPhone 5 adapters available now - Apple

USB Apple iPhone 5
The Lightning connector is for many Apple fans a real nuisance. Old equipment works so that is (if at all) only with an adapter. This is the official Apple (online) Store very expensive. First third-party alternatives, however, are now, a week before iPhone 5 launch, available (currently only in the U.S.). Whether these also are worth the money is, of course, not yet clear.

Law student sued Apple Siri rigged answers [Video]

iPhone 5 Siri
A law student, it seems to be during the holidays are probably too boring. He plans namely, Apple suing for tortious, subliminal advertising. The group allegedly manipulating Siri's statements on the best smartphone / tablet in the world. There will probably once again make someone important ...

Jailbreak and Unlock Gevey users should update iOS 6 for iPhone

iOS 6 Unlock Gevey Sim
If you own an iPhone, which was Unlock with a Gevey SIM, you should be in front of a iOS 6 update for the time being careful. Appleberry, the manufacturer of the cards sent, this alert via Twitter, pointing out that they have their cards are not tested on iOS 6th

On Wednesday, the 19th September, Apple will release iOS 6

Unlock iPhone 4 / 4s iOS 5.1.1 with Gevey for any Baseband 4.12.01 / 4.11.08

Gevey Sim Unlock
You have just purchased your iPhone and you discover with amazement that it is locked, it shows a USB cable that requires you to connect to itunes. What you do, but itunes tells you that your sim card is not compatible ...
Too bad for you, you bought an iPhone simlock! It is quite complicated sometimes impossible to get out of this situation, but there are solutions.

Micro-SIM can not be transformed into Nano-SIM - [ iPhone 5 ]

iPhone 5 nano-sim
The iPhone 5 has a new format of SIM cards, Nano-SIM format. It is even smaller than the Micro-SIM and of course much smaller than the traditional SIM. Buyers who already own an iPhone 4S (or iPhone 4) will therefore attempt to cut their Micro-SIM to fit the new Apple phone just as they had done during the transition from the iPhone 3G to the iPhone 4. However, the

iPhone 5 on O2 - O2 Blue in the cost of tariffs Overview

iPhone 5
Keep track of the many iPhone 5-track rates fall, really hard. A comparison between different providers is also almost impossible. However, we try to shed some light into the darkness. The total cost of the tariffs at least give some indication of how much you have to end up paying for the iPhone 5.

How to Jailbreak iOS 6 GM for all A4 devices - Dev Team

iOS 6 Jailbreak
The iPhone Dev-Team released 0.9.13dev4 the new redsn0w version, so all Cydia App developers can jailbreak the GM version of iOS 6, so the last version before the final release. This jailbreak is also on 19 September, the final release of iOS 6 work. However, only for devices with A4 processor. All other devices must wait for the discovery of new exploits. We'll keep

What's behind the iPhone 5 new A6 chipset?

A6 Chipset iPhone 5
The iPhone 5 has the new A6 chipset. This should of course be more powerful, energy efficient and smaller. But what lies behind these marketing claims? Apparently uses the A6 chip, the latest ARM processor cores. So Apple would be the first manufacturer to use the new Cortex A15 cores. However, Apple is well again only on a dual-core CPU in combination with a

Call for app updates for iPhone 5 and iOS 6

iOS 6
Apple released the iPhone 5 according to Keynote the Golden Master (GM) of iOS 6th The GM version is the last beta before the final release. The release of iOS 6 for all users will be on 19 September done. With the launch of iOS 6 all app developers are encouraged to set their app updates for the latest firmware on the AppStore.

iPhone 5 photo sample Presentation Live Apple - Rumors

iPhone 5
First big news of this special event: the iPhone 5. The rumors were right: it is the thinnest and lightest line: 7.6 mm, 18% thinner than its predecessor. 112 g, or 20% less than the iPhone 4S.

It features a 4-inch screen with a resolution of 1136 * 640.

Following the live presentation of the iPhone 5

iPhone 5
My dear readers, I present the live launch of the iPhone 5, Apple center, this is a great moment for us and everyone in the world with great expectation to see it.Enjoy the show

The new dock connector of the iPhone 5

USB conector iPhone 5
9to5Mac managed to get some new information on accessories for the iPhone 5 before the keynote tonight. It is learned that the new dock connector would be internally called "Lightning" and could even become his trademark.

To connect this with the old 9-pin to 30-pin Apple has in its

Pre-orders from September 12, Apple Store on September 21 New iPhone 5

iPhone 5 New
According to a report MacDayliNews, iPhone 5, which will be presented on September 12, it may already be available for pre-orders on that date, then passed officially at Apple stores from September 21. The source close to the operator AT & T, said that pre-orders will be granted by the end of the presentation Apple media event.

IPhone 5 Available in Free Mobile since its launch [Nano-Sim]

nano -sim
Good news for users Free mobile operator will sell the iPhone 5 upon its release. This is in response to an email from a customer of the operator that we could know: "Free offer he nano-sim clients with the correct date? ". As the answer e CEO Free wrote "you doubt? ". This therefore suggests a marketing iPhone 5 at its official launch. Indeed, this new format is present

iPhone 5 is thinner than the iPhone 4S

iPhone 4S
In recent weeks, the different parts of the iPhone 5 reveal themselves slowly to mount or even on arrival to see the final result before the official announcement. iResQ not lacking in appeal and now offers a close-up photography with iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 together. As the picture shows, the new iPhone is

IPhone 5: some differences on the battery

While the pictures of the battery of the iPhone 5 are available on the internet for weeks, ResQ, a repairer of Apple hardware, managed to get one and compares with that of the iPhone 4s.

The new battery logically adopt a format more elongated relative to that of the iPhone 4S, about 1.2 cm. It is also thinner than 2 mm and a little lighter at 22.7 grams 27.2 grams against

Apple iPhone 5 will start presented aptly September 12

iPhone 5 september 12 start
Finally! The date of presentation of the iPhone 5 is now official! It 'now the moment of truth finally Apple has started with sending out invitations for the event which has been much talked about set for September 12, still is not official if we will see iPhone 5, but since the evidence of the last day we can be almost certain.

Apple formalizes the event scheduled for Wednesday,

A video shows a compared iPhone 5 with an iPhone 4S

 iPhone 5
As we approach the presentation of the iPhone 5, the producers of cases working at full capacity, providing also some physical models of the next Apple smartphone, made on the basis of rumors, technical specifications and components leaked so far. The Verge has got one of these models, which we'll show you some pictures and a video, where we see the mockup compared with an iPhone 4S!

New iPhone 5 Prototype advanced video is Presented

iPhone 5 vs iPhone 4s
A Chris today unveiled an advanced prototype video of the new iPhone 5 that he received from a source that we do not know the origin. He shows us in all these angles, it tells us nothing new so far, no new additional sources including journalists and other specialized sites could be omitted. However, the model that has seems to be somewhat different in the rear. In fact, the model is expected to have announced a black (or white)

And 'possible to confuse an iPhone with a Samsung?

iPhone 4S and samsung Galaxy S3
Perhaps not everyone knows about Susan Kare, the woman who designed the icons for the Macintosh, a respectable person and known for its excellent work. Now, as Susan would say to the judge presiding over the case vs. Apple. Samsung, which once herself, by mistake, took a Samsung phone instead of his iPhone seems to me a an absurdity.

iPhone 5 coming The stock of the iPhone 3GS become scarce in the Apple stores.

iPhone 3gs
Ahead of the media for the launch of the iPhone 5, Apple Genius Bar warns that the stocks of the iPhone 3GS become scarce. The likelihood of Apple, next week, send out invitations to the media event on September 12, begins to grow, this will enable the company to finally reveal to the world's sixth-generation iPhone.

New Headphones for iPhone 5 is present [Video]

Headphone for iPhone 5
This is a weekend video iGeneration. After two videos dedicated to the iPhone 5, here are some news that shows a new helmet signed Apple. Unlike previous videos, it does seem to have a genuine product.

Vietnamese site Tinhte announced the upcoming release of a

The first video of the new iPhone 5 [Video]

iPhone 5
We have seen several manufacturers cover fictitious put together Apple products that are not yet available, and although they are not always perfectly accurate, they can often be based on real parts or specifications leaked. The video below was shot at the IFA 2012 and shows an iPhone 5 assembled by GSM Israel News. Take it as a way to approximate how it could be the iPhone 5, and not as something more.

New iPhone 5 used 4-inch Screen in Action [Video]

iPhone 5 Screen 4-inch
The significant change that we will see in the next iPhone 5 certainly refers to the presence of a screen from 4 , much longer than the screen of the iPhone 4S with a resolution of 1136 × 640 able to provide sufficient space to place a row in most of application icons.
Today the guys at MacRumors have made ​​an interesting video