In iOS6 Beta 2 Apple TV icons can be moved

In iOS6 Beta 2 Apple TV icons
The graphical customizations of Apple TV are virtually nonexistent. Despite a significant change in design, the situation remained unchanged. The icons are positioned as the default and can not be moved, not organized by folders. With Beta 2 of iOS 6 some developers have found that with the latest beta of Apple's new mobile operating system, you can move the icons of individual services. To do so we must press the

Apple seems to have difficulty in the production of batteries for the iPhone 5

iPhone 5
New information coming to the network as regards the new iPhone 5, put online by Chinese website which states that the anonymous producer of batteries for the new iPhone 5 would be having some problems during the production of this hardware.

The problems seem to be due to the low percentage of the final

Safari Download Manager 2.0 available for iOS 5 - Download

Cydia Store
Safari Download Manager is a very useful tweak that allows for downloads from the iPhone Safari browser. As before, you can take control of different types of files downloaded and exploit the true power of the network connection on your iDevice.

You can choose to download several files at once to make the

How to unlock Sim card iPhone 4S iOS 5.1.1 without upgrading or jailbreak

How to unlock Sim card iPhone 4S iOS 5.1.1
Now below will explain the full procedure how to unlock the SIM card rage needed updated software, whether it's a jailbreak or else SIM cards on iPhone not dependent on the device software, they are using AT & T with a small twist hacking it I did very easily. Now begins the procedure below step by step.

Passbook Application find out how to enable of IOS 6 passbook beta

2012 Apple WWDC
In march of 2012 Apple WWDC keynote, presentation of the operating system iPhone iOS 6, showed one of the many innovations introduced by the application represented passbook, speciae a virtual wallet where we can go and put all our cards, personal documents and important .

This application, however, has not yet been activated by Apple

Unlock the iPhone with Baseband 4.11.08, available in July 2012 - Rebel Sim

Unlock the iPhone with Baseband 4.11.08
We return to talk about a subject dear to many users, unlocking the iPhone with baseband 04.11.08. In these setttimane we wrote and read about several tools to unlock the baseband 04.11.08. Please note that it was confirmed the release of the baseband with New Gevey Sim, but we do not know a definite date for release. Regarding Ultrasnow, expected an update for the release of iPhone iOS 5.1, but will definitely released a new

Apple has released the second beta of iPhone OS 6

iPhone iOS 6
Some minutes ago the well-known Californian developer has released the second beta of iPhone iOS 6The new update weighs about 300 MB. In addition we present the information nell'iOS Developer Center:


Setup Assistant will close if you create a new account with the

All the new features in iPhone iOS 6 beta 2

IOS 6 Beta 2 Build 10A5338d
Apple has posted yesterday a new upgrade of IOS 6 Beta 2 Build 10A5338d for developers. Were introduced some new features and enhancements of the system, updating, and 'was released for the devices: iPad third-generation, 2 iPad, iPhone 4S, 4 and 3GS. Also released the new Preview 2 of Xcode 4.5 and the new beta 2 software for Apple TV second and third generation.

iOS 6 Beta 2 available to developers - Downloaded

iOS 6 Beta 2 available to developers
Apple will soon offer really the second beta of iOS 6 presented on June 11. Downloaded via OTA ("over the air") this new build 10A5338d weighs a mere 322 MB version in download via the developer portal should appear fairly quickly. IPhone 4, the update weighs 299 MB (same iPod touch).

Based on initial feedback, one of the novelties is the animation

RedSnow 0.9.13dev2 is upgraded to jailbreak iPhone iOS 6 beta 2

 jailbreak iPhone iOS 6 beta 2
With the release of new version of IOS 6 beta 2 released by Apple late yesterday the Dev Team has been set to work to make available the new version of RedSnow for running the jailbreak on this new firmware for developers .

RedSnow has been updated to the new version 0.9.13dev2 and hackers have solved inside the possibility of access to the

iPhone: Facebook Messenger and Instagram updated

There are days like that where we lay all publishers simultaneously update their application. This is the case today with Facebook Messenger (App Store Link - Free) and Instagram (App Store Link - Free - iPhone). The third-party application on Facebook dedicated to his mail is now stamped 1.8. Programmers have reviewed the functionality of contact list

Fix the problem of white icons on the iPhone after jailbreak 2.0 Absinthe

Fix the problem of white icons
After the release of the untethered jailbreak of iOS 5.1.1 with Absinthe deferments 2.0 for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, many users complain of problems with white icons on the springboard.

This question most often affects the native applications on the iPhone such as scholarship, Mail, Safari, etc ... the temporary

We install the widget on Twitter iOS 6 and iOS 5

iPhone iOS 6
With iPhone iOS 6 introduced a widget to Notification Center with which you can write a new Tweet with a single tap. Up to now the only way to quickly post a new Tweet was assigned the command to a gesture of Activator. This tweak has been developed to simulate the function of the new major release of IOS with the only difference that is missing the key to post on Facebook.

Tweetbot: trick to enable streaming over 3G

The Twitter client Tweetbot [App Store Link - € 2.39] is a destruction from the user side iOS through its many features and design appreciated. One of the functions available in question is none other than the mode "Continuous flow". Once activated the user will not need to refresh the timeline since Tweetbot will do in his place when a new tweet is posted, and every time. However, the stream is only available in Wi-Fi at the

How to Tethered jailbreak iOS 6 Beta 2 - Video

Tethered jailbreak iOS 6 Beta 2
Following the release of the second beta of iOS 6 last night, a tethered jailbreak is available. It is not official for now, namely to do a little manipulation to get there. But ultimately, the result is conclusive. Specifically the user will use the software and select Redsn0w not iOS 6 Beta 2 but iOS 6 beta 1, because the jailbreak for the first beta was available. Of course, history does not change: the jailbreak is tethered always and always

Tutorial to Tethered Jailbreak iPhone iOS 6 beta 2 with RedSnow 0.9.13dev2

Tutorial to Tethered Jailbreak iPhone iOS 6
Following the release, by Apple, the new version of its IOS 6 operating system beta 2, the Dev Team has updated its jailbreak tool called RedSnow, which now enables tethered jailbreak devices A4 fitted with this new beta version of Apple's firmware.

Today we will see how to jailbreak with RedSnow 0.9.13dev2 tethered devices such as iPhone 3G, iPhone and iPod Touch

MuscleNerd now upgrade RedSnow to solve the problems of Downgrade iOS

Downgrade iOS
New tweet posted by MuscleNerd that informs users that the release of a new version of RedSnow that will solve the problems related to downgrade the baseband.

In fact, several users in the process of downgrading baseband from 06.15.00 to 05.13.04 on iPhone 3G have reported compatibility problems that have not eprmesso to complete the

How to Use SSH to install on your iOS device in Cydia

How to Use SSH
The SSH connection (which we have already discussed in this article on the best tweak of Cydia) is an essential tool for exchanging files and interact with our iDevices. To use it, you must first install on your device IOS SSH Open the utility, available in Cydia Cydia Repo.

Apple published as part of WWDC 2012 first beta of iOS 6 for Download

iOS 6
Apple published as part of his keynote at WWDC 2012, the first beta of iOS 6 sixth The new IOS 6 firmware total 200 new features are provided. Of course, the beta phase is used to fix existing bugs. For this reason, periodic additional beta versions of IOS 6 ready for download. So today.

Tonight, Apple released the Beta 2 of iOS sixth Even 14 days

How to jailbreak iPhone iOS 6 beta 2 run the Redsn0w 0.9.13b2 - Video

 jailbreak iPhone iOS 6 beta 2
For some time, and 'was released to developers to upgrade to iPhone iOS 6 beta 2 and it' still possible to use the tools of the Dev-Team redsn0w to jailbreak 0.9.13b2 type tethered iPod touch 4G, GS iPhone3 and iPhone4.

I remind you that this version of Redsnow 0.9.13b2 not 'able to install Cydia but is only meant to open the doors of

Facebook launches ​​Facebook Pages Manager on the App Store

Facebook Pages Manager - App Store
Available for several weeks in the U.S., Facebook Pages Manager [App Store Link - Free] now arrived on App Store. The application provides users who download the handle as the name suggests the pages for which they are directors. The first advantage is none other than go to private messages sent by subscribers of / page (s) in question, or their messages on the articles. Push notifications are also in the

Update Redsn0w 0.9.13dev2 of the tethered jailbreak for IOS 6 Beta 2

Update Redsn0w 0.9.13dev2
Redsn0w 0.9.13dev2 is now available for download. Please note that the iOS 6 betas are really only meant for developers. The tethered jailbreak iOS six currently works only for A4 devices. For A5 devices will provide the Dev-Team (for the beta versions) no jailbreak.

Last night we told you about the release of IOS 6 Beta 2

iPad version of IOS 5 published sidebar - Cydia App

Cydia App
The popular iOS 5 Sidebar deck is now available for the iPad. The developers adapted to the interface and the animations of the large (retinal) display, so that works just as smoothly as HD Deck the iPhone version. Functionally, both apps, so deck and HD, the same.

The Cydia App deck for the development team SBCoders a

Jailbreak: false Activator arrives on the App Store

The validation teams from the App Store do not seem good right now given the fish fillets they leave to sneak through. Last week, a false Cydia was not on its application store from Apple. Today it is still a newcomer in the world to invite the jailbreak. His name is none other qu' Activator, adapted from the jailbreak certainly know this tweak. With the user can activate several

New 3D maps will also be published for iOS 6

Jeff Huber
Apple introduced at WWDC 2012 before his own impressive mapping solution that comes with iOS 6 Google Maps will be banned according to new IOS devices. Google wants to give up its Maps app for IOS 6 but not yet and develop them further.

Jeff Huber, senior vice president for Commerce & Local at Google, commented on his Google Profile + compared to a

iPhone iOS 6 integrated Twitter Widgets, news just out on Cydia!

To enable IOS 6 Twitter Widget
With iPhone iOS 6 will officially integrated into the Notifications Center is a widget to post on Facebook that to compose a tweet, how about having a copy of these widgets in iOS 5? From today, at least for the function Tweet, is possible thanks to iOS 6 Twitter Widgets, news just out on Cydia!

Implementation of IOS Spotify of songs from his iPhone / iPad

The famous Spotify, providing the ability to access millions of songs from his iPhone / iPad, has recently been through another update now allowing premium users only benefit from a new section called Radio. This new feature allows them to discover new music and artists based on their musical tastes or a particular genre.

iOS 6 present 10 features functions from Apple

iOS 6
The functionality of IOS 6 is huge. So huge that a single user has certainly never used all these features of IOS and knows all. We want to introduce you to 10 different functions, some of which you've probably never been discovered.

IOS is intuitive? I would say yes. However, one can argue about

iPhone 5: will be a truly global phone!

iPhone 5
The latest research from suppliers in Taiwan Apple outlining an almost definite that the iPhone launch will take place on October 5, exactly one year after the launch of the current model, the iPhone 4S. It has also signed an important agreement with China and the world's largest mobile operator,

Videos from the WWDC 2012 on the IOS 6 OS X Lion Mountain are available on Apple's

Videos from the WWDC 2012
WWDC is the opportunity each year for developers worldwide to discover the latest Apple development on iOS and OS X. In this year 2012, the Cupertino company put forward its future iOS 6 and the next OS X for Mac Mountain Lion, but there are many who could not attend this great event.

iPhone 5: confirmed the mini 19-pin Dock connector!

19-pin Dock connector!
The rumors that Apple is abandoning the existing 30-pin Dock connector in favor of a smaller chase relentlessly from the start of the year. Since then, we saw a long list of alleged members and concept of the iPhone 5, all of the new mini with dock connector. On the night TechCrunch has finally confirmed the

Insteon brings iPhone with controllable LED lamp

Insteon brings iPhone with controllable LED
Insteon brings iPhone with controllable LED lamp has a new bulb made ​​with an iPhone app can be controlled. This you do not have such a new table lamp buy, but you replace only the light herein confirmed by Insteon's LED lamp. This communicates with a special hub, giving you the lamp with the

How to fix errors after downgrade baseband 06.15 - Redsn0w 0.9.14b1

downgrade baseband 06.15
Following the opportunity to downgrade baseband 06.15 using redsn0w 0.9.14b1, many users are blocked by some errors, here is how to solve them.

1 - If you have the error: redsn0w has stopped working or if redsn0w ramdisk hangs on:

AppCent here is how to display the rate of installation of an app - Cydia

AppCent is a new Cydia tweak that will automatically add the percentage of progress of installation of an Application! This is a very simple tweak, from which probably not many advantages will gain during the installation of small App Outputs instead very pleasant, but especially useful, in the case of downloading

App inscription set over icon - Cydia app

Cydia app
If you do not like the arrangement between the app icon and lettering, so you can change this with the Cydia app Above label. By the jailbreak tweak all the labels are arranged on the respective icons.

The automatic layout available on iOS 6 - Apple

The automatic layou
When the first iPhone was launched in 2007, it was designed to support only one screen resolution and with the launch of the Retina display on iPhone and iPad 4, Apple had to improve resolution. For several months we have a new resolution for the

Cydia: AnimateLockscreen revitalize your lock screen!

Cydia: AnimateLockscreen
AnimateLockscreen is a nice tweak that will allow you to customize the lock screen of your iPhone and iPod Touch, with the ability to add animations (about 1000 to choose from) without having to install Winterboard!

Here is the complete list of new features in iPhone iOS 6.0

iPhone iOS 6.0
This new firmware includes over 200 new features and improvements, the main ones we've already seen in articles about, but to make you take a look at all the improvements that will be implemented today will propose a list which will take you inside the overview of IOS 6.0. We see with the first part of this

iPad Baseband Downgrade released [06:15:00 ] - Unlock bar Ultrasn0w

iPad Baseband Downgrade
Musclenerd published on this day, his new iPad Baseband Downgrade for iPhone 3G and the iPhone 3G. Users who have massive problems with their GPS can finally downgrade to 05:13:04. This baseband is normally via unlock bar ultrasn0w.

No reception after ultrasn0w Unlock fixed - iPad

No reception for the iPad baseband downgrade? No problem. A new installation of mobile substrates and ultrasn0w will help in most cases. Of course, therefore you need an existing WiFi connection.

Installation script for the jailbreak Store - Cydia Store

Cydia Store
The dev team is currently supported in any way the Cydia Store not yet officially under iOS sixth This step, they go well, so do not use too many lay the six iOS jailbreak. This is published solely for app developers.

How to Install Cydia on iPhone iOS 6 after jailbreak - Video

How to Install Cydia on iPhone iOS 6
As you may have read in a previous post, the Dev-Team released the jailbreak tool for iPhone OS on 6 beta 1, which has reached version Redsn0w 0.9.13b2, and 'specially developed for users developers, the tool is not 'able to install Cydia but rather to open the communication port for connecting

How to downgrade your baseband 06.15 iPad iPhone 3G and iPhone 3G

How to downgrade your baseband 06.15
As announced a few days ago by MuscleNerd, the hacker member of the Dev-Team and developer of redsn0w, the downgrade baseband 06.15 iPad is finally available.
To recap the injection of 6.15 baseband on iPhone 3G and iPhone 3G can, after installing Ultrasn0w 1.2.7, the Desimlock

RedSn0w: The Downgrade baseband 06.15 now possible

downgrade baseband 06.15 now possible
Here is some news that may actually delight at the highest point of many owners of 3G or iPhone 3G, the downgrade the baseband of the iPad (6.15) is finally available after almost years of waiting! The new version of RedSn0w, 0.9.14b1, allows us to return to baseband 05.13.04 and find some

Downgrade baseband 6.15.00 on iPhone 3G and 3G

Dev Team has done to release a new version of RedSnow that allows the execution of the procedure to downgrade baseband 6.15.00 devices installed on iPhone 3 G and 3G simlocked foreigners.

Jailbreak - Downgrade baseband 6.15 with Redsn0w

As expected, the Dev-Team has released a new version of redsn0w for the downgrade baseband 5.13.04 to 6.15 (even if you never installed before 05/13/04.)

If you have the baseband of the iPad (O6.15) on your iPhone

iPhone 5: A new concept shows it white!

iPhone 5
From start to appear a few weeks some surprisingly realistic rendering showing us a preview of how the new iPhone 5. If you prefer the white iPhone then you should definitely look at the photos below!

The tethered jailbreak devices A4 iOS 6 beta is available for developers

A4 iOS 6 beta
IOS 6 was introduced only a few days ago, the famous hacker MuscleNerd just confirmed on his Twitter account, be able to jailbreak the iPhone iOS beta 6. The tethered jailbreak is possible with the new version of redsn0w, but is not fully operational, some features still missing the call including

iPhone - SFR WiFi Auto Connect available within days

iPhone: SFR WiFi Auto Connect
After months of waiting, SFR customers will finally be able to enjoy the Auto Connect Wi-Fi service on iPhone and iPad. To believe the information available on the website of SFR WiFi Auto Connect should be unveiled in the coming days (Monday?). But in fact, Auto Connect Wi-Fi, what art aquo?

All the bugs of the first beta of iOS 6 - WWDC

All the bugs of the first beta of iOS 6
These days many of us have installed on their devices the first beta of iOS 6, the new operating system for Apple's mobile devices at the last WWDC.

Our guide, if properly executed, will install the beta without