Jailbreak iPhone 5 for iOS 7 - info via Dev Team - [Pod2g]

Jailbreak ios7
Many hackers are tried to jailbreak iPhone 5 on iOS 6, but this finish with failure. Now next iOS 7 is coming. New iOS there will be better design. The hacker Pod2g is on a good track, but still waiting for response. Apple very well protects its new Device. They proved that company how apple it is not possible to be a hacked. Apple was serious in intention to hold a lesson of hackers, and make it successfully, for now. It not a possible
Jailbreak for iPhone 5 on iOS 6. To hope that hackers how Pod2g , planetbeing , and other from Dev Team to see the Apple is serious. Now they learned that jailbreak is not an easily. Perhaps learned of mistakes, and now the next iOS 7 is can jailbreak for all Devices, and it for iPhone 5.

Jailbreak iPhone 5 for iOS 7 - Is it possible?

Dev Team of Jailbreak Set today asked on Pod2g to respond " it will be possible Jailbreak for iPhone 5 on new iOS 7 - When arrive?"  Of this issue is awaiting response. To hope will see positive response. We all support Pod2g in this work, wait your help to jailbreak new iOS 7.
Jailbreak iOS 7 - pod2g
Jailbreak iOS 7 - pod2g

Jailbreak for iPhone is easily - maybe not.

When for the first time is Jailbreak iPhone 4, many hackers is thought that is very easily. But as time passes, jailbreak today is not an easily. Apple for new Device very well is protecting. New iPhone 5 many of us think is not a possible. Jailbreak is not an easily. Perhaps new iOS 7 will down the barrier to find hackers a way how to Jailbreak iPhone 5.
jailbreak Dev Team
jailbreak Dev Team
All gave support to Pod2g find a solutions for Jailbreak iOS 6 or iOS 7 on all devices. Dear readers for some questions please replay in comments below.
  1. I weit a Jailbreak for my iPhone 5

  2. pod2g is best hacker , I jailbreak my iPhone 4 thanks for pod2g. To hope a find solution how to jailbreak iPhone 5 on iOS 6

  3. How time to wait Pod2g to find a way Jailbreak iOS 6 for iPhone 5?

  4. Pod2g for me is the best hacker in the world. This mean is jailbreak first iPhone 4 .

  5. Hey you should maybe make an article about iOS 92, maybe Pod2G can tell us if it's jailbreakable?

    This site is such a failure, wow.

    How the fuck can someone tell you if it's exploitable or not if it's not even released. iOS 6 hasn't even been out for very long..

    1. Hi
      This post is good , Your response is very rude and stupid of you. Seems you have not understood what he wants to write jailbreakset? I will explain to you in detail.JbSet asks pod2g it is possible expect jailbreak on ios7. Because ios 6 already know that is not possible, if it was possible it would have happened by now. is clearer to you now?...


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