How to MapsOpener set Google Maps default application! - [Cydia]

Google Maps is back on iOS , but there is a problem! The Maps of Apple remain by default, so all the links on the maps in Google Maps...

Fortunately, thanks to the community Jailbreak, we knew that the problem would not last long! The solution is called MapsOpener , new jailbreak tweak that will force the link to
open the in Google Maps!

Once installed, open the link MapsOpener in Google Maps. It also works for links to the information and planning a route after opening the link.

One thing that could be improved is the handling of link address contained within the Contacts application. While handles them perfectly Maps, Google Maps does not provide the location of an address by open Contacts. However, it is no fault attributable to tweak Cydia!
MapsOppener set up
MapsOppener set up
Despite the small discrepancy, MapsOpener is a great way for users Jailbroken to improve your experience with Google Maps. As long as Apple does not allow us to choose independently the default applications in iOS, this tweak will be the only alternative option.

How set MapsOppener on Google Maps - Video

If you want to try MapsOpener, can be found in the BigBoss repository for free!
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