Untethered Jailbreak iOS 6 Current Status

Jailbreak iOS 6.1
Due to the many questions that may arise for iOS 6 jailbreak Status it is once again time to create a track. Currently, all known iOS hacker deal with the search for exploitable vulnerabilities in iOS 6, in order to implement an untethered jailbreak can. Below you learn the current status

Jailbreak iOS 6

These older, the term "A4 devices" thanks to the A4 chip set (and older) with a known bottom exploit called limera1n jailbreak bar. No matter what firmware version will be released in the future, a tethered jailbreak by limera1n always possible. Apple can not close that gap. (For that they would all chip sets replace the equipment) Unlock ios 6.1 Baseband 3.0.04

A tethered iOS 6.0 jailbreak for A4 devices is via redsn0w 0.9.15b3 (> 6 iOS Jailbreak Instructions tethered) possible. 

Untethered Jailbreak iOS 6

Hackers are currently in search of exploitable gaps in the so-called user-level Evene so in iOS 6 itself exploits at this level course work for all iOS 6 devices (A4, A5 and A6) devices. It now collects all necessary iOS 6 exploits an untethered jailbreak iOS 6 to allow for all devices.

Following (important) exploits were found:

Chpwn's "Failbreak":

Probably the most fundamental gap for a jailbreak iOS 6 delivers chpwn. He allowed just the day of the official iPhone 5 sales launch a first root access. However, this benefit only developers, but not the general jailbreak community. For this reason k├╝hrte pod2g announced by chpwn "Jailbreak" as "Failbreak".

The "Failbreak" gap works on all devices. This Musclenerd proved (on the iPad Mini) and chpwn (on the iPad 4) again recently.

p0sixninja's Kernel Exploit:

p0sixninja could chpwn's Failbreak extend a kernel exploit. This makes it possible to "install" root access directly when the device starts to. In other words, p0sixninja makes the simple exploit one tethered jailbreak iOS 6 for all devices.
Jailbreak iPhone 5
Jailbreak iPhone 5
To publish it in this form, however, Apple would be the possibility of chpwn's and p0sixninja's exploits found in the next firmware version to close. The goal, however, is not a tethered jailbreak iOS 6, but of course an untethered jailbreak iOS 6 for all devices. It therefore waits until it has found the last necessary exploit in order from the current tethered jailbreak iOS 6 one untethered jailbreak iOS to make 6.

The current tethered iOS 6.0 jailbreak is only available for selected developers who are actively involved in the jailbreak development.

iOS 6.0.1

Apple closed with iOS 6.0.1 iOS 6.0 some known exploits. Some of them were of the hackers even though familiar with intent, since they were not jailbreak for their opinion useful. Critical vulnerabilities (which may require access to personal data) allow you eventually want to use for the jailbreak development, but as soon as possible close by Apple can.

However closed was also a well-known vulnerability to bypass security technology ASLR. ASLR prevents the found and developed exploits can be loaded (or the payload can be carried out via ROP). When loading a process (or exploits) ASLR awards to random addresses, so that is not pre-definable in which memory area the exploit has to be set.

In all likelihood, also p0sixninja's Kernel Exploit closed and a tethered iOS 6.0.1 jailbreak prevented. The tethered jailbreak for iOS 6.0, you will of course not publish anyway, eventually you would thus chpwn's gap even betrayed.

The future

Currently many Jailbreaker work on its own. p0sixninja criticized that fact now already "loud" via Twitter. Work would Jailbreaker, they would have long since according to him, can publish an untethered jailbreak iOS 6.

Instead of forming a new jailbreak Deam team, enter the Apple iOS jailbreaker with the opportunity to find and close gaps in iOS 6. After the release of iOS 6.0.1 reported many hackers that found their leaks have been closed. All these gaps in combination had probably long since untethered iOS 6.0 jailbreak allows and thus prevented many from upgrading to iOS 6.0.1.

With thousands already on iOS 6.0.1 update ten, you will probably not develop iOS 6.0 Jailbreak more. They jump course equal to the latest iOS version 6.0.1 (or iOS 6.1 developer version).

The release of an untethered jailbreak iOS 6 (iOS 6.1 jailbreak untethered to be one) is not in sight! Only when all the necessary exploits are found, you can nominate a first Estimated release date. It may therefore, be weeks or even months!
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