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We receive many questions about the current once again jailbreak iOS 6. When is an untethered jailbreak iOS 6 released? Is this only an iPhone 5 jailbreak? Will it work for the Jailbreak Apple TV 3? These are the common questions that we all want in this article, even a brief answer.

All Untethered Jailbreak iOS 6 interested should watch currently
two developers. Firstly planetbeing, the currently working on an Untethered Jailbreak iOS 6 for all devices, on the other p0sixninja who is in search of the Description keys for all new chipsets. The latter allows the search for a bootrom exploit, and thus a jailbreak (possibly also for all current devices) for life.
Jailbreak iOS 6
Both developers aim ultimately however a completely different goal. Of course, they both want to develop is still a Jailbreak iPhone 5, but it is in this also listen to the similarities already. The approach of both, are different significantly.


Planetbeing uses those found by chpwn iOS 6 User-level exploit that allows a root access to the device. With the exploit are currently all iOS 6 devices jailbreak bar. Thus, the root access is, however, also recorded in the boot process, this requires from pod2g "Failbreak" exploit a kernel. Planetbeing found such and extended the "Failbreak" it.

Currently selected developers to use a tethered jailbreak iOS 6 for all devices. This will not be published in this form, because finally the "ultimate goal" is a Untethered iOS 6 jailbreak for all devices. One would not waste the 3-4 found exploits for a simple tethered jailbreak.

In a few weeks the missing could be found 1-2 exploits and allow Untethered iOS 6 jailbreak for all devices. Planetbeing is definitely very close to completion.


P0sixninjas developments are not aimed at a fast Untethered Jailbreak iOS 6. He invested his precious time in the future. Should he actually Description the keys for the A5 (iPhone 4S), A5X (iPad 3), A6 (iPhone 5) and find A6X chip (iPhone 4), then the search would begin for a bootrom exploit. However, the bootrom is now considered extremely safe. High hopes, one should become not so.
P0sixninija Jalbreak
P0sixninija info
A bootrom exploit would allow for a jailbreak for life. At least tethered jailbreak would be so in future iOS versions quickly and easily.

Both developers summarized again:


Userland exploits
Untethered Jailbreak iOS 6 (for all devices)
  • Exploits on user-level could be filled by Apple via firmware update
  • No public release of the "intermediate stage" tethered jailbreak (Apple would otherwise have the opportunity to close the gaps found prior to the development of the final Untethered jailbreak)


Bootrom exploits
(for now) iPhone 5 Jailbreak
  • Bootrom exploits can not be closed by Apple
  • Publication of the "intermediate stage" tethered jailbreak possible (because bootrom exploit by Apple can not be closed)
  • Bootrom exploits are chipset-specific (in this case, for the A6 chip)
  • If found bootrom exploit his would also be a jailbreak for all other devices possible

Apple TV 3

Apple TV 3 for iOS 6
Jailbreak Apple TV 3 ios 6
The Apple TV is a special case. He has only a stripped down version of iOS. Exploits that can be found in the "normal" iOS 6 must, on the Apple TV 3 do not work. The slimmed Apple TV firmware makes it so very difficult to jailbreak the device. Since the release of the Apple TV's 1080p so there was no way to jailbreak the small TV box. Nevertheless nitoTV and Fire Core Dev team are constantly busy trying to find exploitable gaps iOS.
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