Jailbreak Apple TV 3 Support - Dev Team

Apple Tv 3 Jailbreak
Jailbreak for the new Apple TV 3 will support. Let us hope that the Dev Team will support the jailbreak for Apple TV 3. Apple now new devices very well protected, it is not how Jailbreak with Apple TV 2, which we can do Jailbreak very easy with Seas0nPass. Problems are now much bigger, we hope to overcome soon. Dev Team is working hard to solve this
problem. It is not easy to fight with Apple. This device is small and powerful, with it you can watch movies, play games, but literally, but the problem is how to get rid of iTunes. for each service you need to pay. it is not good though. I have bought Apple TV 3, but do not use it because it is not yet  Jailbreak supported. Currently use the Apple TV 2.

I'll quote a few examples of why it is worth having a Jailbreak your device.

  • First apple TV is a powerful device essentially works as a small powerful Unix or Linux device.
  • There are a wide variety or range of video formats with high quality picture.
  • This device is very inexpensive 99$ and is very lightweight and small. weighs only a few grams.
Apple TV 2 Jailbreak iOS
Appple TV 3
All this with the Apple TV worth it if you have done a Jailbreak. if not then this is not worth it because it is locked and you have to pay. Let's hope that soon we will have Jailbreak for Apple TV 3.

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