Factory unlock through iTunes all iPhone's from AT&T, TELUS, FIDO, ROGERS, VODAFONE, O2

OfficialUnloks iPhone
Yes, you heard that right! OfficialUnlocks.com is now able to Factory ( IMEI ) Unlock the iPhone 5 (Let us repeat, The iPhone 5) from various networks worldwide. Along with the iPhone 4, 4S they can now officially and permanently unlock the iPhone 5 as well. So, if you have purchase your iPhone 5 on Contract from any of the following networks below and if you need to factory unlock it so you can use it on other networks
worldwide or if you want to increase the resale value of your iPhone, you can simply contact officialunlocks.com to get it factory unlocked.
  • - AT&T (USA)
  • - SPRINT - (USA)
  • - VERIZON - (USA)
  • - ORANGE (UK)
  • - KT, SHOW, SK (KOREA)
  • - And many many more...
The question in most of our visitor's mind is that if they purchase their iPhone on contract, can OfficialUnlocks.com still factory unlock it? The answer is YES! they can Factory unlock your iPhone 4,4S and iPhone 5 even if it's still under contract and this unlock is permanent just like purchasing an iPhone which is unlocked from the Apple Store. The difference is that you will end up saving a lot of money by buying your iPhone 5 on contract with your carrier and then getting it factory unlocked by OfficialUnlocks.com
Factory Unlock iPhone 5
Factory Unlock iPhone
We have checked and confirmed their reliability with their existing customers and also from various other blogs / forums. We can confirm that they have been in the unlocking business for over 10 years and are one of the reliable websites on the internet ( Not a "ONE TIME WONDER" website ). The most important point that we would to add is that their customer support is outstanding and they are ALWAYS ready to help with any questions or concerns regarding Factory Unlocking.

If you have any questions for them, you can always get in touch with us or with them directly through Email, Facebook and Twitter. As a courtesy to our visitors, they will offer you a 10% Discount on most of their unlocking services if you simply contact them and mention our name.
  1. I wanted to share my feedback on these guys. I placed an order to factory unlock and iPhone 5 from AT&T which I purchased on contract in the US.
    After placing my order I received a confirmation email within 12 hours. Connected my iPhone to iTunes, synced it and it was unlocked. I am now using it with a prepaid SIM card overseas.

    Thanks a ton officialunlocks.com , will be back to use your service in the future!!


  2. It is posible to Unlock permanent my iPhone 4

    1. Yes I used their service and OfficialUnlocks.com delivered as promised. But which network is your iPhone 4 locked to?

    2. this is my IMEI code 012546005326267 please check Carrier it is posible. thanks

    3. iPhone 4
      IMEI: 012546005326267
      Serial Number 83052NWAA4S
      Activated Yes
      Telephone Technical Support Expired
      Repairs & Service Coverage Expired
      Firmwere Version 5.1.1
      Country United Kingdom
      Carrier O2 GBR
      SIM Lock Locked


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