What should be the Switcher Apps on the iPhone 5 for iOS 6

Switcher Apps on the iPhone 5The Verge shows at the present day to a beautiful concept, which uses the new previews of open space for apps. These are mounted behind smaller app icons so that the user can see at a glance what can switching to open apps it.

The concept rethinks the iPod (music) control. This is
accessible via the apps Switcher by a wipe to the left. Instead of simply displaying the music app icon, a rotation lock, and three control buttons (song before, song back and pause button), demonstrates the concept, the music control buttons at the bottom of the screen, while a controller is placed directly over it. Sound information and album artwork are still on this control knobs and buttons.

iPhone 5 Switcher Apps concept iOS [Video]

The lack of rotation-lock button is now been moved to a page with various settings toggles. From there you can also turn on WiFi, Bluetooth and the 3G network off and on. Among the toggles also a brightness slider is provided.
 Switcher Apps
 Switcher Apps
What all that has changed in the concept as opposed to Apple's original apps Switcher. The Verge shows in a side-by-side comparison:
I can see an implementation of the concept come as Cydia App on us. Of course we miss it even an iPhone 5 jailbreak. This is currently developing aer pod2g already. It will be still a matter of weeks / months before we will see results.
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  2. iOS App Switcher Concept for iOS 6

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