The jailbreak is legal on the iPhone and not iPad!

iPad Jailbreak stop
Contradictions and bizarre decisions are not exclusive to our country, the United States have updated the legal rules governing the jailbreak iDevices. These activities are considered legal iPhone and other smartphones, but not on iPad and various touch pads, PCs and consoles!

Under the new decisions that will come into effect from Sunday,
October 28, and the jailbreak "Rooting" the United States are permitted only on smartphones. This is an exception to the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act), which considers, however, the same illegal operations when executed on computers, tablets and games consoles.
iPhone 5 Jailbreak
iPhone 5 Jailbreak
Allow jailbreak an iPhone and ban on a shelf is a real contradiction, the only reason would be to allow the release of the device so that it can be used with all mobile operators.

But in Europe that is exactly the legality of Jailbreak?

So to my knowledge there has never been tried, much less convicted for having done the jailbreak iPhone. The only thing you may be the loss of warranty but a simple restore removes the jailbreak so nothing to worry and keep well in mind that you have the right to do what you want on a device that you bought!
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