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iOS 6 Discussion
On the HITB conference in 2012 spoke MuscleNerd, pod2g, planetbeing and mdowd in an informal discussion on jailbreak issues. They answered questions from audience attendance and Twitter users. In the context of the conversation they were received, current progress of the iOS 6 jailbreak, motivation and previous jailbreak success.

A mid-section of the HITB iOS & OS X panel has now been published. The approximately 33-minute video is very interesting, but there is little information on the development of iOS 6 jailbreak. Also an expected redsn0w 0.9.15 release was unfortunately not take place. Rather, they talk about early successes to date. Especially the iOS 5.1.1 untethered jailbreak via Absinthe and the Rocky Raccoon exploit topic is number 1 in the first 15 minutes.

Following the jailbreak pod2g History closes with a brief status update for iOS 6 from Jailbreak. He concentrated so far on the bootloader / iBoot. In most community perspective they came now, access to the boot loader to the iPhone 4S and Unlock iPhone 5 .
jailbreak iOS 6
jailbreak iOS 6
It is a huge step forward but not yet succeeded, but this is the first step to untethered jailbreak iOS 6.

Of the JailbreakCon 2012 we also know that they could circumvent KASLR (kernel address space layout randomization) and found some vulnerable partial vectors. Unfortunately now all known iOS 5.1.1 are gaps that once exploited Absinthe 2.0, closed in iOS 6th

When asked why they develop at all iOS jailbreak, all four hackers agree. pod2g sees it as a personal challenge and great fun to circumvent iOS security techniques. poisixninja sees the development of exploits as "entertainment" for the brain and mdowd it simply finds interesting things to get to work. Musclenerd things look a little different as a hardware engineer. He gets a lot of experience as simple and loves the cat and mouse game between Apple and Jailbreakern. He finds the reactions to Apple's exploits found most interesting.

Another funny question came from the audience: Would you switch to Apple when the company would offer such an offer? Pod2g only responds spontaneously to the fact that he looks at the security team of Apple as highly talented. The work he would most certainly a lot of fun. Let's hope that Apple never make him a good offer! posixninja mdowd want and not be on the defensive side - the offensive would be just more fun.
jailbreak iPhone 5
Now to the important question: When is an untethered jailbreak iOS 6 is released / Jailbreak iPhone 5? This could answer none of the hackers. Currently, one is yet to exploit search. A release date is therefore based on chance. You should quite quickly find suitable exploits, so a release in about 1-2 months would be possible.

Musclenerd remarked sadly not redsn0w 0.9.15, the long-awaited iOS 6 tethered jailbreak for A4 devices which new iOS 6 downgrade features will bring. (> About redsn0w 0.9.15) We will keep you informed on our Facebook fan page up to date!

To conclude with the mid-section of the HITB iOS & Jailbreak:

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