The end of the iOS 6 jailbreak and unlocks?

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The Digital Millennium Copyright (DMCA) was introduced in order to protect digital copyrights can. By law it is not allowed to bypass security systems and proprietary software. Attached to the DMCA law, however, is a list of exceptions. One of the best known exceptions are Jailbreaks, so the procurement of root access to the iOS file system.

The exceptions are reviewed every 3 years again. 2009, the exceptions "jailbreak iOS" and were "iOS Unlocks" checked for the last time and in 2010 added to the list of exceptions. Earlier this year we we you ever considered informed, found the review of the legalization of iOS Jailbreaks and Unlocks place this year again.
Jailbreak and Unlock
Jailbreak and Unlock
The results of the review are for the jailbreak community, but a shock. In the next three years, it is in fact no longer legal to jailbreak Tablets (but not banned!). Only for mobile devices, iOS jailbreaking was made legal. Furthermore, now unlocks for Smartphone are forbidden to be purchased after January 2013.

But why Jailbreaks are prohibited for tablets now? According to the decision may laptops, gaming devices, e-books and tablets not sufficiently distinguish from each other. Neither the form factor or the functionality could be defined sufficiently to add it as an exception to the DMCA list.
Unlock and Jailbreak
Unlock and Jailbreak
As I said, now also unlocks are illegal. This was decided on the basis of a new law of 2010, which states that purchased software does not come into the possession of the buyer. He buys only the rights that every software owner user can define his "End User License Agreement." Furthermore, the judge commented that the exception is no longer needed, since most operators offer even official unlocks for their devices.

The screening process of the DMCA was found, however, once again: "[we] did not demonstrate any significant relationship between jailbreaking and piracy".  There was no direct relationship between jailbreak and piracy can be found.

But what does this mean for the jailbreak community?

The DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) works naturally in the U.S. only. The proliferation of iOS jailbreak for iOS tablets and unlocks in the U.S. are thus now in a legal gray area. This does not mean that they are also illegal. They are simply no longer protected by a legislative exception.

Accordingly, it is therefore currently still jailbreak iOS give for Tablets and Unlocks for iPhone 5. Currently we do not have to worry that these two actions are actually prohibited.
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