The Allnet Flats 1&1 combination with the new iPhone 5 nano-SIM

Nano-Sim iPhoe 5
The Allnet Flats 1und1 can now be ordered in combination with the new iPhone 5 nano-SIM. A subsidized device offers 1 & 1, in contrast to Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone and O2, however, does not.

For the launch of the iPhone 5 offered only a few providers of a nano-SIM for their fares. This is mandatory for the new iPhone
5. The new Apple device is the first smartphone that uses the new, international SIM standard.

While the German Telekom, Vodafone and O2 offered from the start nano-SIMs in combination with their rates, discount stores and discounters attracted as simyo after until recent weeks. Even the network operators ePlus / base can only recently nano-SIMs offer for the iPhone 5. As of now, is now also 1 & 1 to the providers of the nano-SIMs.

Note: It can be used for the iPhone 5 also Mini-/MicroSIM-Karten if you manage these cuts even at the nano-SIM size!
1&1 offers very favorable Allnet Flats and uses the stable and developed the Vodafone network. Even for 19.99 euro can thus benefit from a real Allnet Flat. However, you can use in this case only 300MByte high-speed Internet volume. The most expensive Allnet Flat with 1 & 1 will cost the buyer 39.99 euros per month, but also provides high-speed 1 GB data volume at a rate of 14.4 Mbit / s and a time-Flat (100MByte data volume) in another EU country.

Importantly, however, in today's tariff rates each provider to be compared. We are offering the following to rate comparisons:
  • 1 & 1 vs. tariffs Vodafone, O2 and Telekom
  • Vodafone tariffs
  • O2 tariffs
  • telecom tariffs
  • Compare Vodafone, O2, Deutsche Telekom among
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