IPhone5 and the iPhone 4S, open / closed door

Unlock door from iPhone 5
Lockitron released a new product, it allows you to open and close to lock the doors from his iPhone. Connect the equipment that is compatible with Joseph in particular, with Bluetooth 4.0, registered each door locks project, iPhone 4S or iPhone 5 equipped fifth opened the door and, of course, this concept is not for everyone, some people Lockitrons be products but used

The company reported in the past before a similar product, which was, however, the entire door lock .Die use in rented apartments or buildings not without major effort.

The unlocking of the lock is also possible for any mobile phone. Can next to the iPhone App Lockitron namely the door can also be unlocked via SMS or even Bluetooth 4.0. Definitely created a stir Lockitron's strike.

More details you can find in subsequent presentation video:

If you're interested in buying, you can get for pre-ordering the device for 149 dollars decide (about 115 Euro). The delivery of the first 1,000 units is scheduled to begin March 2013.

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