iPad 4 and iPad Mini is now sold out in Europe

iPad 4
Also, the first batch of iPad 4 is now sold out. In Europe, for the launch of available models were still available until this morning. Throughout the day, the delivery status changed to Ready in: 1 week. Both the European and American Apple Online Store so you have no chance to get the iPad 4 delivered directly to the release.

The iPad Mini is sold out already. However, the 7.9-inch iPad is out of print since the first advance sale. Just minutes after the delivery status in Europe jumped to "Usually in 2 weeks".
iPAd 4 price
iPAd 4 price
Apple provides for the launch on 2 November, only the WiFi models of the iPad 4 and iPad Mini from. The LTE versions will follow until the end of November. An exact date is not yet named Apple. The fact is that both iPad are very popular again. Due to production problems, delivery times for official release could again skyrocket. Who is an iPad Mini or iPad 4 wishes should therefore access quickly.

For iPad 4 there since today the way also a first Geek bench value that quite impressed. Such is the latest generation iPad more than twice as fast as its predecessor, the iPad 3 and about 10% faster than the iPhone 5

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