iOS 6.0.1 and iOS 6.1 will be released in the coming months

iOS 6.0.1
For carrying on the eve of the event that Apple will introduce to the public the new iPad Mini, reach new rumors on the net related to the new version of Apple's operating system iOS 6, which could be released in the short and in the coming months.

The new iOS 6.0.1 that could would make an appearance within
a few weeks and a subsequent iOS 6.1 which would be released by Apple after the festivities of the holiday season.

The first update would be forthcoming and will be called, according to the indications given, iOS 6.0.1, addresses a minor update of the first version of the operating system iOS 6 released in the month of September by the company based in Cupertino. This new version will fix some bugs and malfunctions of the first version of which, the failure to turn off the flash after you close the camera app, or the annoying "line noise" that sometimes appear on the screen when we have a keyboard or an open folder .

But further adjustments might include passbook, Exchange, and the introduction of compatibility with iTunes Match also support 3G connectivity. In the coming months, however, after the holiday season, it would be scheduled the release of another update called iOS 6.1, which does not yet know the details, but he could see the introduction of some new features.

Maybe we know something more about the Apple event planned during the following day and will see the presentation the new iPad Mini.

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