How to hide the status bar of Safari without Jailbreak!

Rag3hack Hide StatusBar
After managing to find a solution to hide the applications without the need to jailbreak, has found a new trick to hide the status bar in Safari is very useful if you want to catch up on some space on the screen when browsing the web!

This trick is really easy to do and if you are interested to try it, follow these steps:

  1.  Navigate with your iDevice at this link.
  2.  When you want to restore the status bar in Safari, you can just close it completely (and thus also by the APA Switcher) and restart it.
As always, our advice is to be very careful, we can not guarantee that the method works well and without risk to all of us! I've tested a couple of times, and it worked!
Hide the status bar of Safari
Hide the status bar of Safari
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