What's behind the iPhone 5 new A6 chipset?

A6 Chipset iPhone 5
The iPhone 5 has the new A6 chipset. This should of course be more powerful, energy efficient and smaller. But what lies behind these marketing claims? Apparently uses the A6 chip, the latest ARM processor cores. So Apple would be the first manufacturer to use the new Cortex A15 cores. However, Apple is well again only on a dual-core CPU in combination with a
quad-core GPU.
Apple's new generation iPhone 5 has also a new chipset called A6. However, neither Phil Schiller, Tim Cook still details mentioned on this chipset. Only horizontal statements as significantly smaller, higher energy efficiency and improved performance have fallen. Ultimately, these statements can still room for speculation.

New iPhone 5 A6 Chipset

A6 Chipset
A6 Chipset
In the course of the last few hours, few details about the new A6 chip came to light. Sun is suspected that the chipset of the iPhone 5 is based on ARM's Cortex A15 cores. Thus, Apple's iPhone 5 will be the first device that uses the new technology.

Apple's previous iPhones used "only" ARM Cortex Cortex 8 and 9 seeds. The new iPad 3 and improved so as not only to put a manufactured with 45nm technology A5 chip with modified GPU. The new A6 chip comes as quite different paths. It uses Samsung's 32nm LP HK + MG process. This is also the reason for saving the space that was absolutely necessary. Finally, the unit is now 20% thinner than the iPhone 4S.
iPhone 5
iPhone 5
ARM calls its latest Cortex A15 cores as licensable fastest CPU in the world. These will come soon in the best chipsets in the world to use such the Tegra 4, Samsung's Exynos 5 and TI's OMAP 5 series. Apple was able to secure these cores but probably the first manufacturer.

Certainly the A6 chip is unfortunately only a dual-core processor. Otherwise, Apple would have to probably presented as high-performance quad-core chip. With the combination of quad-core GPU and the latest ARM cores it will nevertheless be the fastest smartphone processor. Confirmed, however, this is only after the launch of the device on 21 September. We are certainly looking forward to the first benchmarks of the iPhone 5.
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