TinyUmbrella is updated: 6:00:00 version adds support for iOS 6!

It seemed like a lifetime since the last update of TinyUmbrella, valuable tool for saving certificates. SHSH! The developer has in fact "abandoned" the project throughout the summer, despite the release of several beta versions of iOS 6 ...
Notcom, creator of the Application, broke the silence in the morning, announcing that TinyUmbrella has been updated to
support iOS 6, which is the latest firmware for the AppleTV:

I'm sorry for the delay, folks ... but between funerals, travel and change of work I had quite a summer full! I've updated TU to the fimware 5.0.2 of the AppleTV and all the beta of iOS 6.

Since TinyUmbrella 6:00:00 works with iOS 6 GM, it is almost certain it will work with the final version that will be released tonight at 19:00 Italian time.
Jailbreak iOS 6
Jailbreak iOS 6
It is also interesting to note that for Mac users, the application has changed. Thanks to the new Gatekeeper functionality of OS X Lion Mountain, TinyUmbrella is packaged as a. App.zip and no longer. Pkg ... much more practical for Jailbreak Apple TV 3 .

My advice is to save your certificates. SHSH BEFORE upgrading to iOS 6 because this sign has not yet Untethered Jailbreakkabile mode. TinyUmbrella works the same way with the iDevice Jailbroken and non-Jailbroken. For the use of the Application, use our guide to using TinyUmbrella.

Here are the links to download:

TinyUmbrella 6:00:00 for Mac: click here
TinyUmbrella 6:00:00 for Windows: click here
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