Tim Cook suggested Map App Recommendation category released the iOS 6 AppStore

Map App Recommendation category
Apple, it seems, with the excuse to really serious. In addition to the Map App alternatives that Tim Cook suggested in his open letter to all Apple buyers, Apple released the iOS 6 AppStore  now also has its own Map App Recommendation category.

Apple really seems to be a lot of pressure. Otherwise it can not
be explained that after the open letter of apology from Tim Cook is now also introduced a new map in the AppStore category. From now you can find that is in the iOS AppStore 6 under the tab "highlights" the button "cards for your iPhone."

In this menu, Apple co navigation and mapping applications for iOS users. In England, however, we find only three App recommendations: GPS Navigation 2, Navigon Europe and Navigon select Telekom Edition. The latter is only available to customers with telecom contract.
GPS Navigation
GPS Navigation
In other countries (eg USA) significantly more recommendations are available. Apple seems to be the category probably actually build in large hectic for all countries.
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