The first video of the new iPhone 5 [Video]

iPhone 5
We have seen several manufacturers cover fictitious put together Apple products that are not yet available, and although they are not always perfectly accurate, they can often be based on real parts or specifications leaked. The video below was shot at the IFA 2012 and shows an iPhone 5 assembled by GSM Israel News. Take it as a way to approximate how it could be the iPhone 5, and not as something more.

So surprise, even the iPhone 5 makes its appearance at IFA 2012, and thanks to the video we can take a closer look to better understand the new look we'll see September 12 media event presentation.
iPhone 5 New
iPhone 5 New 
The video shows the iPhone 5 assembled in a cover without brand. Once removed, it looks almost identical to that seen in previous weeks, complete with iPhone written on the back. The device will display this DA4-inch 16:9 screen and a FaceTime camera centered. It comes with new design metal-backed Bicolors, with some sections above and below glass that allows you to connect to networks and other devices via cellular, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The 3.5 jack for headphones remains at the bottom, and the new, miniature dock connector is easily recognizable. We can also see a curious hole in the back, between the camera and the LED flash. Everything suggests that this will indeed be the iPhone 5, but since last year's experience, we just have to wait for the event to have an official presentation of absolute certainty.

Video for New iPhone 5

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