The Company Saurik: 8 million paid to developers and 1.5 million devices every day on Cydia

iPhone 5
This weekend in San Francisco for work, especially all the hacker to jailbreak iOS devices and procedures is a very important event for years JailbreakCon2012.

During the event, the various proposed interventions, yesterday, Saurik is better , Jay Freeman, founder of Cydia known, which provides some interesting data on the use of and in the Cydia
store growth, where they were assigned, and adjust jailbreak iOS devices Saurik said detailed.

Cydia developer seconds Freeman, the amount received last year was $ 8 million, although this is a particularly demanding track jailbreak iOS devices in number of movement, but refers to the average of 15 million people every day log Cydia.
The Company Saurik
The Company Saurik
Citing a study by Flurry Analytics (Analysis) in 2010, Freeman described may be 6-12% of the material in a given time, use Cydia. When a device jailbreak, Cydia is installed as a default search engine to adjust, modify, hackers, and more. Experience Jailbreak trends affecting the release of Apple's iOS is available jailbreak exists or does not exist, in fact, a new absinthe jailbreak 2.0, the device has been released recently, the total amount of jailbreak iOS rose to about 12 % All equipment sold.

Cydia phenomenon is in constant development, taking into account the first Apple AppStore developers to pay only a small part, but $ 8 million of the rampant piracy in the characteristics of the social is a great result.

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