(Requires jailbreak iOS 6) Google Maps rapid transplantation by Ryan Petrich

iOS 6 Google Maps
Google Maps was for many years a faithful companion of iOS. With iOS 6, Apple separates in favor of a separate solution of the powered Google Maps mapping application. Many iPhone 5 and iOS 6 customers  users get annoyed and wish back the old Google Maps app. Ryan Petrich could soon make it possible.

Ryan Petrich, iOS hacker and developer of many popular Cydia apps, did not speak, Google Maps ported to iOS. Petrich demonstrated by porting the Google-powered Maps app on iOS 6 in a YouTube video:
As you all should know by now, Apple decided in iOS 6 for its own new Maps app with 3D maps and navigation feature. What at first glance still looked good, turned out with the beta release of iOS 6 as unfinished card solution. Neither the interface nor the service could really convince. Furthermore, the app has Befouls to all, yet performance problems and bugs.

For this reason, many would like iOS 6-users back the old Google Maps. Unfortunately, however, it will take some time for Google to a stand-alone iOS will publish 6 Maps App. Until then, porting would be a good alternative.

So far, however, is not yet clear when Petrich will release its Google Maps porting. However, it will require in any case a jailbreak iOS 6. This is currently only available for the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPod touch 4G (tethered). However, there are already the first positive news regarding an iPhone 5 Jailbreak and iOS 6 jailbreak for all devices. A release which is also not yet clear.
Ryan Petrich iOS 6 Google Maps
Ryan Petrich iOS 6 Google Maps 
Petrich is currently developing diligently on his Google Maps port. As he reports, it has so far worked very well, but collapsed in some places as of yet. Once he published a 100% working version in Cydia Store, you will find it of course with us!
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