Redsn0w will soon function RE-Restore to Jailbreak iOS 6

 RE-Restore iOS 5
Moments after Apple have made available for download the final version of iOS 6.0, the Dev-Team has released a statement on the group's blog, as well as through MuscleNerd, the leader of the team.

Following the release of iOS 6.0, Apple should immediately
stop signing the 5.1.1 firmware, allowing users to restore to iOS 6.0 only.
To overcome this, the Dev-Team will soon add a new function to Redsn0w, allowing restoration of a new type. The most popular tools Jailbreak acquires therefore a feature called RE-Restore which will allow users to restore their iOS 5.1.1 device on the same firmware (iOS 5.1.1), which is impossible to present.
MuscleNerd restore ios 5.1.1
MuscleNerd restore ios 5.1.1
We invite you once again to save your SHSHs iDevices, it will be essential in case you decide to restore to a firmware other than the last date. In addition, the Dev-Team insists they will be required to use the future function "RE-Restore".

Regarding the jailbreak and downgrade the Aircraft under iOS 6.0, the Dev-Team has 3 possible scenarios:

1. Jailbreak and downgrade the devices using a chip or bottom A4 (iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPod touch 4G) will be achieved by exploiting the flaw is a flaw Limera1n hardware and not software. You will however have to wait for these tools to Jailbreak Apple TV 3 .

2. IPad 2 users taking care to save the files SHSHs their device will be able to easily restore to iOS 4.xx 5.xx or even from iOS 6.0.

3. For owners of iPhone 4S and iPad 3, the function RE-Restore Redsn0w will soon restore to iOS 5.1.1 from it in order to retain the ability to perform a jailbreak. Again, it will be saved SHSHs for iOS 5.1.1. Unfortunately it is impossible to go back to iOS iOS 5 if 6 is installed on the device.
In conclusion, if you have a device with an A4 chip you can safely pass under iOS 6, and a downgrade is possible Tethered Jailbreak should arrive soon.
For owners of a device with A5 chip and beyond, weigh the pros and cons before installing iOS 6. Once in this new firmware it will be possible to go back and you will be condemned to wait a flaw iOS Jailbreak 6 allows a future.

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