New Headphones for iPhone 5 is present [Video]

Headphone for iPhone 5
This is a weekend video iGeneration. After two videos dedicated to the iPhone 5, here are some news that shows a new helmet signed Apple. Unlike previous videos, it does seem to have a genuine product.

Vietnamese site Tinhte announced the upcoming release of a
new pair of headphones from Apple, unveiled at the same time that the new iPhone is September 12. At first glance, they have a new look futuristic enough when compared with the current. In addition, they are always thinner in comparison with the Apple headphones available on the market today. Tinhte provides some additional information on his side. The new product is manufactured in Vietnam as the notify message on the wire that connects the jack and the headphones. "Designed by Apple in California" also makes its appearance as for each product brand. The site also announced that Vietnam saw the materials used, there is a room - it seems - authentic. A demonstration video also shows the new object that we will soon be in our ears.

Video for new headphones iPhone 5 from Apple

Tinhte has often been reliable in the past, particularly in terms of leakage prototypes of Apple products. If the information in it is good, this new pair of headphones hybrid will be announced on September 12. It is not indicated whether it will be included by default in the box of the new iPhone, or if it will perform several dollars to acquire. In light of the written text on Tinhte, it still seems that the first option is correct.
iPhone 5 headphone
iPhone 5 headphone
iPhone 5 new headphone
iPhone 5 new headphone
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