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App Store iOS 6
9to5Mac found a new last-minute change of iOS 6 th Apple promotes namely the first time its own apps in the AppStore Highlights tab. There you will find five free apps that probably all need a little boost downloads.
Apple leads the App Store for iOS 6 is a new site for free Apple apps. This can be found under the "Highlights" tab in the
AppStore. Ultimately, Apple wants to increase the download speed for its own apps.

Currently you can find on this page gestating the apps iBooks, iTunes U, pod casts, Find My Friends and Find My iPhone. All apps are also available with a simple click on "Download Free" installed at once.
Apple Apps
Apple Apps
Tomorrow, Apple releases the final version of iOS 6 and brings with it 200 new features for any compatible Apple device. We will inform future course again over all the highlights of iOS 6th.
Download Apps
Download Apps 
 (Source: 9to5Mac)
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