Nano-SIM Mini / Micro SIM cut out - iPhone 5 to use it on every network

nano sim
Apple's new iPhone 5 is not as popular as the previous-generation iPhone. How should all know by now, however, the device uses the new international standard SIM, the nano-SIM. Some providers offer these at the present time, however, to not. Mention should be made here, for example 1und1.

However, the tariffs on some discount providers or
"discounters" (eg 1und1 or simyo) are much cheaper than at the top dogs Telekom, Vodafone and O2. Who wants to use the device with the most competitive providers can either wait until the respective provider nano SIM cards officially offers or simply lend a hand to his current mini / micro SIM card.

How to do this, we explain to you herewith.

Nano-SIM Mini / Micro SIM cut


Before you start your Micro SIM cut apart in order to transform it into a nano-SIM, you need the following things to Unlock iPhone 5 :

  • Printer that lets you print an A4 page can
  • Tape
  • Ruler
  • Felt-tip pen
  • Scissors
  • Sandpaper

Step 1

First of all you need to print the following PDF: The PDF file. This may not be reduced or enlarged print! (Make sure that your printer settings are set to 100% scaling). Such is the PDF:
Nano Sim
Nano Sim
Step 2

Lay your mini or micro SIM to the marked points of the printed A4 sheet. Mini-SIMs include it in the second place, Micro SIMs on the last sketch. Now use the tape to fix the Mini / Micro SIM at this point.

Step 3

Now take your ruler and the felt pen to trace the lines of the A4 sheet on the SIM. (See picture)
nano sim iPhone 5
Nano Sim iPhone 5
Step 4

Now you have to use the scissors to cut the SIM to the marked locations. Take your time for this step and verschneide not! If you destroy your micro-SIM. Also use sharp scissors! A rusted model breaks the SIM card, but not cut it!
Nano Sim
Nano Sim 
Step 5

Finally, you need the ready set sandpaper. With this you have the edges and corners of the SIM card round state. Touch it but not the contact pins. These are very sensitive!

As you can see from the manual, the whole process is simple and can be executed by anyone. We will take no responsibility for any damage! With this simple trick you can do that (ungebrandete) iPhone 5 now use with any network provider.
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