Micro-SIM can not be transformed into Nano-SIM - [ iPhone 5 ]

iPhone 5 nano-sim
The iPhone 5 has a new format of SIM cards, Nano-SIM format. It is even smaller than the Micro-SIM and of course much smaller than the traditional SIM. Buyers who already own an iPhone 4S (or iPhone 4) will therefore attempt to cut their Micro-SIM to fit the new Apple phone just as they had done during the transition from the iPhone 3G to the iPhone 4. However, the
task will not be achieved if one believes Giselle & Deviant, which specializes in manufacturing smart cards including the famous Nano-SIM. The manufacturer announced that the latest model is 15% thinner than the "old" formats. So even if you somehow cut because there is not much space, the final result is not convincing.

New Nano-Sim for iPhone 5 is Available to September 21

It is not impossible that the chip is affected in a mishandling that leads to a malfunction of the SIM. It is the same story if we try to reduce its thickness, the chip could also be affected. The only solution would be to acquire a Nano-SIM to see the whole work.
Giselle & Deviant take this opportunity to explain why the process could be made ​​between a traditional SIM and Micro SIM (iPhone 4/iPhone 4S). The reason is simple indeed, the thickness was identical. It was enough just adjust it back into the drawer SIM smartphone from Apple and that was it. This year, he will get a Nano-SIM home it seems.
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  1. Why are so many selling the cutter to cut micro to nano and advising users to sand down the thickness ?


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