Law student sued Apple Siri rigged answers [Video]

iPhone 5 Siri
A law student, it seems to be during the holidays are probably too boring. He plans namely, Apple suing for tortious, subliminal advertising. The group allegedly manipulating Siri's statements on the best smartphone / tablet in the world. There will probably once again make someone important ...

Apple's voice assistant Siri has now served on the iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch 5G and the third iPad IOS 6 were added many new features: The displaying of sports results, restaurant reservations (not voerst in Germany), movie trailers and Apple's 3D Maps integration along with Navi.
The law student Sean DeVries now wants to sue this language assistants. According to him, Apple influenced the answers of Siri in favor of their own group. The message so that Siri on the questions "What is the best tablet in the world?" With "There is the iPad and ... well, nothing else." Even on the question of the best smartphone in the world, provides Siri "iPhone" for an answer.

A few months ago it still looked different. Siri used for the answer to such questions usually Durchschittsbewertungen the devices on the web. However, has been shown to this question is always the Lumia 900th This liked Apple, of course. They intervened in the algorithm and answer this question now either not at all or only with "The device that you hold in your hands."

Video for Siri Apple

What do you think Apple distorts competition and thus removed one subconsciously advertising Siri? I can, however, imagine that a lawsuit would be successful. For the students who would be handling the case but certainly a great study work - but nothing more. (Source: iDownloadblog)
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