Jailbreak and Unlock Gevey users should update iOS 6 for iPhone

iOS 6 Unlock Gevey Sim
If you own an iPhone, which was Unlock with a Gevey SIM, you should be in front of a iOS 6 update for the time being careful. Appleberry, the manufacturer of the cards sent, this alert via Twitter, pointing out that they have their cards are not tested on iOS 6th

On Wednesday, the 19th September, Apple will release iOS 6
as the final version. Then it is possible to play the new firmware to all compatible devices. In the more than 200 new features, of course, delighted many Apple fans. However, should Jailbreaker and Unlocker as usual be careful.
Apple N Berry Gevey Sim
Apple N Berry Gevey Sim
The fact is that the absinthe-2.0.4 jailbreak will no longer be possible. The exploited gaps were closed. With the iOS 6 release for the time being only a tethered jailbreak for devices with A4 processor is possible. A RedSn0w update will probably stand shortly after the iOS 6 release available for it.

Even Unlocker will not have it easy. Of course with iOS 6 new baseband versions are supplied. This could possibly make the common Unlock method via Gevey sim impossible. We want to spread but at this point no terror! It is quite possible that old Gevey SIMs operate in the new base bands.
Gevey Sim
Gevey Sim
But even if the Gevey SIM card with the new iOS 6 base bands should not be compatible, there is hope: An update on redsn0w's Custom Rom function. However, you should also wait for an official statement in this regard. Finally, we do not know whether Apple used in the final version of iOS 6 security mechanisms that prevent an unlock on the latest Gevey SIMs. Jailbreak Apple TV 3 .

In a nutshell: If you can not do without an unlock or jailbreak would be on 19 September did not update. Wait 1-2 days, we will inform you whether an iOS 6 update is safe. 

(Source: Twitter @ Appleberry)
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