iPhone 5 on O2 - O2 Blue in the cost of tariffs Overview

iPhone 5
Keep track of the many iPhone 5-track rates fall, really hard. A comparison between different providers is also almost impossible. However, we try to shed some light into the darkness. The total cost of the tariffs at least give some indication of how much you have to end up paying for the iPhone 5.

O2 is unable to provide LTE tariffs. Reason: The iPhone 5 does not support the applications used by O2 and Vodafone frequencies for LTE. If you really want to take advantage of LTE with up to 100Mbit / s, the need to escape the German Telekom (telecom tariffs in comparison). This is the only vendor that can, at least in many German cities offer LTE for the iPhone 5. In rural areas, but generally you will not be able to use LTE in Germany with the iPhone 5.

For existing customers of O2 also offers to buy the device through a kind of deferred payment:

iPhone 5 O2
iPhone 5 O2
Deposit of 29 euros +
iPhone 5 with 16GB: 30 euro / month for 24 months - 749 Euro total costs
iPhone 5 with 32GB: 35 euros / month for 24 months - 869 Euro total costs
iPhone 5 with 64GB: 40 Euro / month for 24 months - 989 Euro total costs

You decide but you should generally relatively quickly because the iPhone 5 is already massively increase delivery times. First come, first served.

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