iPhone 5 for iOS 6 Compatibility Update to version 5.0.1 - Facebook App

Facebook App Store
The new version of the Facebook app, which was released in August, received an update for the new iPhone generation. So the app will appear on the full, elongated screen of iPhone 5.

Today began the launch of the iPhone 5 in many countries. With this launch now begin the big app update for the new, enlarged
display of the iPhone 5, and of course for the new firmware iOS 6th Also, Facebook is right this time, and quickly released an update to its app that promoted the application to version 5.0.1.
Facebook App Store iOS 6
Facebook App Store iOS 6
The update is of course a priority, as the versioning already displayed a small bug fix and compatibility update. The official screenshots are currently not yet the change in height for the iPhone 5 On all older iPhones the view is, of course, as usual. All iPhone 5 Buyer must not use Facebook so with two black bars.

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